A secure digital workplace with Smartlockr and Workspace 365

A secure digital workplace with Smartlockr and Workspace 365

Secure email from any workplace, regardless of location and device: how does that sound? This is possible, thanks to the collaboration between Smartlockr and WorkSpace365. By joining forces, the digital security of organizations can be increased. And that is still necessary, because the number of data leaks is still on the rise. With the collaboration between these two services, customers can now work flexibly and securely from one digital workplace.

There is a growing need to be able to work from different locations and multiple devices. For example, we want to be able to open more and more different applications on our laptop, tablet and smartphone. In addition, because of covid-19 we are now working more from home. Workspace 365 has developed the digital workplace where all of this is realized. However, the possibility and flexibility to work anywhere requires new security measures for e-mail, applications, documents and the digital workplace itself.

Especially the correct security of e-mail is high on the agenda for organizations. Regulations such as the GDPR, the NTA 7516 and the Wvggz (both Dutch regulations) set conditions for secure communication that must be met. This certainly applies when it comes to the exchange of privacy-sensitive information. If this is not done securely, chances are that data will fall into the wrong hands.


Workspace 365: a simple and personalized workspace

Simplifying access to information and all your applications based on your role, location and on any device, thát is Workspace 365. That means that email, documents, news and all business processes are instantly comprehensible for groups or individuals within just a few clicks.

The collaboration with WorkSpace 365 makes it possible to work both securely and flexibly.

Many of our customers are already using the Office suite. By combining our Intelligent Data Protection Platform with Workspace 365, they also secure access to all their applications and information. This collaboration is in line with our goal of increasing the digital security of the organization. From the workplace, people can easily go to their secure e-mail box without having to log in again.”, said Roham Rahimi, founder and COO of Smartlockr.


Smartlockr + Workspace 365: All benefits under one roof

It is clear that working securely plays an important role in our daily activities. In 2019 It were mainly financial services, healthcare and public administration where most data leaks were reported.

The strength of this collaboration is therefore in the combined functionalities of the services. The starting point is to make users work consciously when it comes to the exchange of (sensitive) information, so that human error - the biggest cause of data leaks - can be reduced. This is done by the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Workspace 365 makes it possible to collect and centralize applications and information. It always adapts to the conditions such as location, device, OS and more. You can work in a very user-friendly way and it is always clear why an application does not work outside an unsecured network. Employees can therefore work securely from any workplace.

The link between Smartlockr and Workspace 365 thus creates a secure, digital workplace. It contains the right mix of functionalities that you can expect from such a workplace, such as:

Not only are you able to communicate securely: it can be done now from every location, on every device.


Make your digital workspace a secure workplace

Simple and secure working therefore requires the necessary adjustments. Which applications do you add? How are you going to secure it? And how easy can you make it for your employees? Find the answers here:  Working from home securely in 2021: make it a success with these tips.

Do you want to learn more? Download our whitepaper to discover how this digital workplace can help your organization work safely and efficiently!

Secure email from a safe workplace

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