Privacy is for everyone. Prevent data breaches the simple and effective way

Smartlockr is a secure and easy-to-use data security platform. It's so neatly integrated into familiar environments like Outlook (also in the browser), Gmail, and your mobile phone, everyone can use it. And that's precisely why it's so effective in preventing data breaches.

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"I hear very little about it. You might think that the solution is not being used, but that is not the case. We have been monitoring usage from the beginning, and it was used from day one. Employees can handle it, even unskilled."
Stefan Gensen Novadic Krentron
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integrated secure email

Integrate secure email directly into your work processes. Without development work, because we have already done that for you

Secure email within Outlook (also in the browser), Gmail and phone
Email as you are used to, without disrupting your work process and without using separate apps.       

Easily connect your systems to Smartlockr. Make secure e-mail part of your business.

Save yourself time and money
We do the development work, so you and your team can easily email securely.

Take the human error out of the equation, increase awareness and make your employees your strongest security asset

Set notifications for sensitive information
With a content policy, all your (sensitive) information is sent with the right security.

Prevent exchange of your data with the wrong people
With an extra check on recipient(s) and file(s) before sending, you can check whether your data is going to the right person.

Track and block sent emails as needed
Did you send something wrong? Then you can block recipients, files or the entire email.

take human error out
smartlockr testimonial
"You get bombarded by data breaches in the media. If you can give the users a solution, that just gives you a good feeling. [...] We only get positive reactions. Smartlockr is much easier to use and everything is extremely clear."
Stanley Gemeente Zeist
send large files

Create secure environments for exchanging large files

Start a safe conversation. Make it easy for everyone to send files to you securely.

Send and receive large files (max 5TB) securely
From now on you can easily exchange files, without unsafe external services.

Exchange files easily
With secure upload requests and portals you create environments where your files are exchanged safely.

Always get the right files
Set file type, size and recipient within your organization.

GDPR mail

Comply with regulations, with minimal effort

Be in line with regulations like the GDPR, NTA 7516 and Wvggz (Dutch standards). We help you with this, because we are NTA 7516, ISO 27001:2017 and NEN 7510-1:2017 certified.

Your data security is our priority

Our platform is always evolving and therefore breathes compliancy.

smartlockr testimonial
"You often see people underestimating the risks of data breaches, while overestimating the complexity of implementing Smartlockr. My advice would be to really consider the risks you're taking and how easy it is to take the necessary security measures, especially with Smartlockr by your side."
Erwin Wilschut Partou

Communicate encrypted, prevent access by third parties

Encrypt your communication. This keeps your messages and files secure, before, during and after sending.

Encrypt your data from start to finish
Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption prevents unauthorised access to your data.

Only authenticated recipients can view your data
With two-factor authentication you disable access by third parties

Limit the number of login moments, work more securely
Easy login for you, difficult for unauthorised people to access the programs you work with.

Stay in control of your data, however you want.
Manage, monitor and adjust settings that suit your organisation

Comprehensive admin portal

Set up Smartlockr according to your wishes.

Implement your corporate identity
Ensure trust and recognition with your own signature brand style.
Admin portal smartlockr

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