Protect your candidates' CVs and sensitive data. Simple, also from your mobile

You can easily send and receive sensitive data without the use of external and not secure services. Make it easy for your team: work securely anywhere, even on the go on your mobile.

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"We were looking for a structural solution: regulation that is accessible to everyone and is easy to work with."


Why email security is essential for recruiters

Digitization means that we share more and more online. This makes it easier to exchange CVs with personal information such as name and address details, copies of passports, and financial data, which are then stored within your systems.
It is important that this is done safely. 

So put email security on the agenda before it becomes your agenda

How Smartlockr helps

At Smartlockr we have one mission: to prevent data leaks. We do this in a way that will help you, so you can cross GDPR compliance from your checklist:

Securely transmit and store data with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption

Securely transmit and store data with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption

  • Only you and those who are allowed to see all the information have access to the encrypted message.
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Exchange large files (TB) easily and safely

Exchange large files (up to 5TB) easily and safely

  • (Large) files such as complete client files can be received quickly. This is done with our secure upload portals and upload requests.
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Stay in control over your sent data

Stay in control over your sent data

  • Options to track and block emails, recipients and files after sending. Just imagine how much easier it would be to undo a possible mistake yourself.
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Continue working as you are used to

Continue working as you are used to

  • Integrations within Outlook in the browser, Gmail and your mobile phone. This way you can email securely anytime, anywhere!
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5 Data Leakage Examples - How easily can they occur?


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Oops, I sent an important email to the wrong recipient. What now?


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Do you know what to look for when choosing a safe email solution?

Download our white paper for a step-by-step plan that will help you make your choice.

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Make it easy on yourself. Keep your data secure, start emailing securely

We can help you, so that you can remove human errors from work processes. Easy, effective and always with privacy in mind.

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