Email securely within your municipality, without hassle

Communicate securely and share large files easily, without disrupting work processes. With just one solution.

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These municipalities already secure their data:

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"With Smartlockr, user-friendliness and secure communication come together: work processes within the municipality are simplified!"


Why your municipality needs email security

Every day, you and your co-workers exchange sensitive data. If this is not done securely, reputational damage and possible fines could just become an agenda item.

Put email security on the agenda before it becomes your agenda

How Smartlockr helps your municipality

Exchange large files easily and work securely without the hassle of a complicated system: that's what we often hear from municipalities to be the ideal work process.
Smartlockr can help with that. With one platform, where we aim for fighting data leaks:

Exchange large files (TB) easily and safely

Exchange large files (up to 5TB) easily and safely

  • Always get the right files through uploadrequest or uploadportals;
  • Make the exchange of files easy, without using additional programs.
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Prevent human errors

Prevent human errors

  • Get notifications when processing sensitive information;
  • Get the option to track your sent emails and block them afterwards, if needed.
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Comply with regulations

Comply with regulations

  • Be in line with the GDPR;
  • Continue to communicate securely and easily with others, by using a interoperable system.
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Continue working as you are used to

Continue working as you are used to

  • Full integration within Outlook (in the browser), Gmail, tablet and mobile phone;
  • Link your secure e-mails to the systems you work with, such as your CRM or DMS system.
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It was time for the municipality Zeist to find an answer to the question: “Are there better email solutions than the one we currently have?”


The current solution did what it was supposed to do, but was not user-friendly. Every user, no matter how tech-savvy, should be able to work with it with ease.


With Smartlockr, user-friendliness and secure communication come together: work processes within the municipality are simplified!

smartlockr testimonial

"Using Smartlockr is no big deal for the users. You can clearly see how they integrate it in their regular way of working. It is not a time-waster for them."

Henrik Linde (2)

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Do you know what to look for when choosing a secure email solution?

Download our whitepaper for a step-by-step plan to help you make a choice. Learn what to look for when choosing a solution, and most importantly, choose the right solution that meets the needs of your organization.

Download your copy here
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The secure, easy and user-friendly exchange of your large files (up to 5TB) with sensitive data starts here.

We keep data safe together. We can help you, so that you can reduce human errors from work processes within the municipality. Easy, effective and according to the GDPR.

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