Secure email for everyone, without extra work for yourself

Data security is not a choice. Making it easy is.
Empower your employees, even the ones who don't know anything about computers, by giving them a safe, easy-to-use email experience that actually helps prevent data leaks. And make your life easier at the same time!

Smartlockr voor IT Specialist
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"With Smartlockr, user-friendliness and secure communication come together: work processes within the municipality are simplified!"

integrate with your systems

Integrate with Outlook (plugin and in the browser), Gmail, tablet and mobile phone

Being able to work safely and easily means worry-free working from anywhere, regardless of the device you're using.

Keep it simple for everyone, including non-technical employees

Learning how to use new software can be difficult. It also poses a risk to your data security.

Opt for user-friendliness with a solution that integrates easily into existing systems. This way everyone continues to work as they're used to, but safely!

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smartlockr testimonial

"I noticed VKP employees were quick to adopt Smartlockr. When I check the portal, I can see it’s used a lot. I’m also happy to see two factor authentication being used avidly, for instance to send files securely to external parties. Smartlockr strikes a good balance between user friendliness and security"

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User-friendliness is the most important feature in preventing data leaks effectively. These organizations already experience data security made easy:

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"With little effort from both Novadic Kentron and Smartlockr, the purchase and implementation process went very smooth. The end users have easily embraced the solution. So if you’d ask me tomorrow if I am completely satisfied, I can answer positively."

Stefan Gensen Novadic Krentron

The sooner you start, the easier you can make your work processes

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