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Why email security is essential in the financial sector

Digitisation in the financial sector is clearly visible: more and more communication is done via email, and more and more confidential data is sent this way. This renders any organisation vulnerable to those who want your data for their own gain.

If you do not email securely, a data breach is just a matter of time. Aside from people's privacy being violated, any data breach comes with reputational damage, and most often with hefty fines as well.

Put email security on your agenda before it becomes your agenda

How SmartLockr helps

SmartLockr has one mission: to prevent data breaches. We can help you with this, in a way that works for everyone in your organisation:

Comply with regulations

Comply with regulations

  • Comply with the GDPR.
  • Exchange sensitive financial data safely and easily.
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Continue working as you are used to

Continue working as you are used to

  • Full integration within Outlook (also in the browser), Gmail, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Connect your secure emails to your DMS and CRM systems.
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Exchange large files (TB) easily and securely

Exchange large files (up to 5TB) easily and securely

  • Always receive the right files through uploadportals ​and requests.
  • Make exchanging files easy, without using additional systems.
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Prevent human error

Prevent human error

  • Get notifications when processing sensitive information.
  • Get the option to track your sent emails and block them afterwards, when needed.
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“The ICT department is expected to enable the entire organisation to work with data securely. Sending data by email therefore should be easy and safe. We were looking for a solution to do just that. SmartLockr checked all our boxes. Why SmartLockr? Because it enables us to send data through email securely.”

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This is why digitisation in banking is essential


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9 ways to email more securely in corporate banking


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Do you know what to look for when choosing a safe email solution?

Download our white paper for a step-by-step plan that will help you make your choice.

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Maintain your customer relationships by emailing securely

We keep data safe together. We can help you, so that you can filter out human errors from work processes. Easy, effective and saving yourself costs of potential data leaks.

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