From Customer Support to Customer Success. Welcome to Smartlockr!

From Customer Support to Customer Success. Welcome to Smartlockr!

It goes without saying customer support is part of your Smartlockr experience. We like to take support a bit further though. The moment you sign on with Smartlockr, you can count on your Customer Success team to be there every step of the way!

Why your success matters most?

Our goal is a simple one: to ensure that everybody can rely on the highest possible data security, without any effort or worry. Whether it’s the IT specialist or the oddball whose password is still password, we make sure everyone’s data is protected. It’s what we work towards every day, so you don’t have to.

In order for us to be successful, we need you to be successful. That’s why we provide every new client with their very own Customer Success team.


What to expect from your Customer Success team?

When you become a customer, your Customer Success team becomes your point of contact. Of course this entails basic support you’d expect from any company, so if you have any technical issues or just want to hear someone say have you tried turning it off and on again? your Customer Success team will be there in your hour of need.

But everyday troubleshooting barely scratches the surface of what we do:

Every new customer is automatically given their own Customer Success Manager and a Customer Support Manager. Together they see to it Smartlockr is smoothly integrated into your organisation. They cover the technological side of things, but just as much attention is given to making sure all your employees are involved in the process. Need emails, messages or slideshows to help you explain the ins, outs and most importantly the whys of Smartlockr data protection? We got you covered. We don’t just install software. We fight data leaks together, all day, every day.

Of course we’re also there for you once the installation is complete. We make sure you and your colleagues are always up to speed on the latest news and developments in the field of data security, offering free newsletters and seminars.

Moreover, your Customer Success team is always eager to learn from the experiences of yourself and your co-workers. Got ideas for a new feature? Anything we can do to help improve your everyday experience, making your job even easier, more carefree and safer? We’d love to hear from you! Perhaps your insight can benefit not just you, but an entire industry!

Your Customer Success team is there for you, so we can prevent data leaks together. Customer support is nice, but your success is what truly matters!

this is what you can expect from a partnership with SmartLockr

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