Your cybersecurity wish list: 5 features everyone needs by 2022

Your cybersecurity wish list: 5 features everyone needs by 2022

The end of the year is nigh with many excited children sitting expectantly beneath a christmas tree, wish list in hand. At SmartLockr, we're a little late in sending our letter to Santa, but we hope he'll indulge our every wish!

We'd love to share our perfect Safety Year 2022 wish list with you. We hope for every organization to have a safer year in 2022!

1. Email security

When you see email security, you obviously think of SmartLockr. So perhaps it's not all too surprising that we'd mention this one at the top of our cybersecurity wish list!

Why? Because a 2020 survey, conducted by the Hornetsecurity Group, found that of 420 American businesses 1 in 4 reported an email-related security breach. Did you know that 68% percent of these companies expected Microsoft 365 to keep them safe? Here's why we think you shouldn't just rely on email clients. The survey also reported that 82% of respondents who used third-party email security solutions reported no breaches.

Society is digital and business communication is done primarily by email. Did you know that office workers spend an average of 20 weeks a year on emails? It's not a surprise that people therefore become vulnerable to making mistakes. If your organization handles sensitive information, it becomes paramount to ensure that your emails are protected.

To save you some time, read how email security works in less than 500 words.


2. User-friendly data security

Once you get a data security solution, you want it to be as simple as possible. Who wants to waste time on a ten-step program in order to send an email? No one, that's who. The same hornetsecurity survey mentioned that 23% of employees don't use Microsoft Data Loss Prevention because they just don't understand it. Even in 2017, Cybersecurity expert Maarten van Hoorenbeeck said it best: the security rules are often too complex for employees to follow.

The following situations may occur as a result of complex security rules:

  • Employees are unable to perform their duties while complying with security rules.
  • Employees are not even aware that they have broken a security rule because they're not even aware of how the system works.
  • Employees deliberately choose not to stick to security processes because it takes too long.

Keep user-friendliness at the top of your wish list for next year!


3. A solution that avoids the human factor

In 2014, IBM published a report that human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of all security breaches. But researchers from Stanford University and a top cybersecurity organization found that even in 2021 the number is still staggeringly high: 88% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes. In email, a ‘security breach’ is as simple as sending the email to the wrong person.

Haven't we all experienced a moment of panic when pressing ‘send’ and discovering we've sent the email to the wrong James?

It's important to invest in a security solution that prevents human error by making you aware of what you're doing. Who are you sending the email to? Is it addressed to someone from outside the organization? It could be helpful to confirm both the file and the recipient before sending your message. These factors contribute to secure communication. Now imagine getting the option to recall or block a sent message when all else fails: giving you an extra layer of security. Well, SmartLockr offers you all of that convenience in one simple package.

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4. Easy and secure access (two-factor authentication and single sign-on)

More people than ever before are currently working from the comfort of their own homes, whether they chose to or not. But even after the current crisis is over, many will also opt to choose a hybrid form of working. That means that the security one might enjoy at the office could be missing from home! The best way to stay safe, efficiently and effectively, is by using single sign-on with two-factor authentication.

Single sign-on is nothing more than logging in once and have access to several applications and systems. Its advantages are:

  • Productivity increases because employees don't have to log in every time they switch systems.

  • An increased level of security because employees only need to remember one password. It is easier for users to remember a single strong password than to use multiple passwords for different applications. This often results in multiple weak passwords.

  • A decreased workload for the IT department because we make security easier for the end user. No more (or less) “I forgot my password” requests! Your IT department will thank you for the time saved on resolving these problems.

While single sign-on is easier, two-factor authentication (2FA) is safer. Logging in with a username and password is outdated in today's times. By using both two-factor authentication and single-sign on, you prevent unauthorized access to your work environment and make it easier for your employees to sign on. It's an extra layer of security that protects you from the cyber criminals out there.


5. Data protection that lets you decide what YOU want

At SmartLockr, we are often asked "Do you work with visible email security or is SmartLockr running in the background?". Our answer is always "What do you prefer?"

There are advantages to both options. Visible email security educates the end user and increases awareness on working securely. But leaving security running in the background can be more convenient and time-efficient. Our email security solution lets you choose whichever option you personally prefer.

How is that done? Read all about it here: How do you take your email security? (Hint: we think it’s up to you)


Protect your data in 2022

We have one goal at SmartLockr: to prevent data breaches. We do this by focusing on the factors that are proven to cause the most data breaches; the human factor and unsafe email/file sharing.

We offer a user-friendly, integrated solution for both Outlook and Gmail. In addition, you can use SmartLockr on any device, wherever you are. You just log into your email client as usual and send your emails, with or without a file. SmartLockr automatically detects the inclusion of sensitive data and will then take the necessary security measures.

In other words, SmartLockr is a user-friendly solution for secure email, with single sign-on and two-factor authentication, that prevents the human factor and lets you decide how visible you want your email security to be. That makes our wish list complete, right?

Want to know more about secure email? Download our whitepaper to learn more about what to look out for when choosing a solution that's right for your business.

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