Free whitepaper: Is it safe to store data in a US-based Cloud provider?

Is it possible to use the cloud safely? What is the Cloud Act and can encryption keep personal data safe from US authorities? Download this whitepaper to get the answer to these questions and more.

Iis it safe to store data in the cloud

Do you know about the CLOUD Act? Do you know what Privacy Shield is? Have you followed the Schrems judgments? Can you get the benefits of the cloud and adequate information security?. In "Is It Safe to Store Data in a US-based Cloud Provider?", we go through the whole story, from 2013 when Max Schrems first reported Facebook to the Irish Data Protection Authority.

Read about what the CLOUD Act means in relation to the GDPR and how encryption protects your data from the US authorities.

In this whitepaper you can read about the Cloud Act, encryption and how to protect your information. We discuss, among other things:

How the Cloud Act started and how it relates to the GDPR

What type of encryption is needed to protect data from the US government

Download the whitepaper and read about the CLOUD Act, Privacy Shield and encryption

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