Secure email from a safe workplace, with SmartLockr and Workspace 365

Download our white paper "Prevent data breaches, work and communicate more securely" to discover how this digital workplace can help your organization work safely and efficiently!

prevent data breaches

Secure email from the secure digital workplace: 
that is the combined power of SmartLockr and Workspace 365

Workspace 365 has entered into a strategic partnership with SmartLockr. As of today, healthcare organizations and municipalities can already receive a safe and adaptive workplace and email that is GDPR compliant and prevents data leaks. Both software vendors will use each other's technology to provide customers with a better and safer experience.

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What will your learn in the whitepaper?

Secure email from the digital workplace

Secure email from the digital workplace

Why the traditional workplace is outdated

How municipalities and care organizations can work more efficiently and safely

“This collaboration is in line with our goal to increase the digital security of organizations. From the workplace, people can easily go to their secure email without having to log in again”
- Says Roham Rahimi, founder and COO of SmartLockr.

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