The Zorgmail alternative: security without any hassle

Zorgmail also offers software for secure communication. However we believe a security solution should never come with extra homework. That's why, with Smartlockr, you're compliant with current regulations such as GDPR. Curious to learn more? Let us show you!

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Why organisations prefer Smartlockr over Zorgmail

Full integration within Outlook (with the plug-in and in the browser), Gmail and your mobile phone.

Smartlockr is an innovative platform that is always evolving to provide the best security.

Stay in control of your data by blocking your email, recipient(s) and file(s).

With Smartlockr, user-friendliness and secure communication come together: work processes within the municipality are simplified!

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We don't just protect your data.
We make life easy too

Data security is an easy promise to make, as evidenced by providers like Zivver, Office 365, Zorgmail and Filecap. However, more often than not their solutions are seen as complicated. The real solution - knowing your data is protected, without any extra hassle - tends to remain a dot on the horizon. Discover how Smartlockr not only protects your data, but makes your life easy too! Scroll down to see why organisations are choosing Smartlockr.

Smartlockr vs Zivver

Unlike Zivver, you can work safely and user-friendly on all devices without having to use separate apps.

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Smartlockr vs Microsoft 365

With Smartlockr you have a complete solution for your data security.

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Smartlockr vs FileCap

The secure exchange of sensitive files is only possible with secure upload portals and requests like Smartlockr offers.

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