Receive files securely and easily with an upload portal

Receive files securely and easily with an upload portal

Receiving one file is fairly straightforward. Having a constant flow of incoming files that have to find their way to the right department or recipient is another ballgame.

Whether it's applicant IDs, client reports, a patient's health information, someone's pay slip or resume, the last thing any organisation wants is to spend precious time on the hassle of distributing incoming files.

Secure email is definitely an option, but the more files you receive, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of everything.

That's why Smartlockr offers a solution: an upload portal, a secure portal where files can be sent easily. It's a user friendly solution for sender and recipient alike. Here's how it works:

  1. The sender creates a portal.

  2. The recipient is given access to this portal, after which the files can be uploaded. These are sent to the sender via this secure portal.

  3. Files enter your organisation in a simple and secure way.


How Smartlockr’s upload portal can save you a lot of time

The more files your organisation wants to receive securely, the more time you'll save using Smartlockr's upload portal. How exactly?
By letting your system administrator set up your admin portal to do the following:

  • Send files directly to the correct department (s) / persons

    When your system administrator creates an upload portal, they can specify who (or to what email address) the files should be sent to.

  • Multiple portals can be created

    Are you dealing with different flows of files within the organisation, each belonging to different departments? Simply create multiple portals, one per flow. This makes it very easy to keep a clear overview.

  • Receiving the wrong files will be a thing of the past

    Do you prefer a certain file, of a certain size? Simply adjust this in your settings. That way you're guaranteed to get the right files, in the right format, giving you total control over the files you receive. Read more about file type restrictions here.

  • No more file chasing

    Gone are the days you have to send an email every time you ask for a file. By sharing a link that grants access to the upload portal, recipients will know exactly what to send you.


You see, an upload portal is user friendly and secure, for everyone involved. Watch the video below to see it in action!


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