Feature Friday: Tracking and Blocking Emails

Feature Friday: Tracking and Blocking Emails

To keep you informed of all developments, we share a new or updated feature every Friday in our "Feature Friday".

Today: Tracking & Blocking. Earlier we showed you how files could be blocked , with the blocking function. Today we will continue this and show you how to get to this process, by also discussing the tracking function. 




Tracking an email

Easily track your sent e-mail messages. Has the e-mail arrived correctly and have the attachments been downloaded?
E-mails that are sent can easily be found in the sent items. Here you can always read back what was sent. But, even more is possible. The tracking & blocking function makes it possible to monitor the status of the sent message as well as block the message afterwards. We have discussed blocking specific files and receivers in an earlier Feature Friday blog. The big advantage is that you keep a grip on the data that is sent. If it is true that incorrect files have been sent to unauthorized persons, then it is possible to make access to these files inaccessible. You can do this per file, recipient or for all files and receivers.

The tracking function makes it possible to follow the sending status of your e-mail. Within the sent message you will find the "tracking and blocking" button with which you can retrieve the information.

You can see if:

  • the e-mail has been sent;
  • the e-mail has been received;
  • the e-mail is open;
  • the link to the file is open, and
  • whether the files have been downloaded. This option makes it easier to check whether messages have arrived and whether their content has been seen. You can use this to determine whether you can still block files and / or recipients before they are downloaded.


The tracking and blocking function therefore makes it possible to subsequently block files and make them inaccessible. Even if the extra checks within Smartlockr, where both files and receivers have to be confirmed , have not caused data to be sent incorrectly. An accident is always in a small corner: tracking and blocking therefore reduces the chance of a data breach.


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