Tomorrow’s healthcare is today’s work – and we get to be a part of it

Tomorrow’s healthcare is today’s work – and we get to be a part of it

Last week, on November 2, 3 and 4, Smartlockr attended the Healthcare & ICT event at the Jaarbeurs venue in the city of Utrecht.

In short, it was amazing to see so many ICT professionals in real life again. The event – themed “Keep up the change” – proved to be a very insightful experience. The digitisation of healthcare is in full swing, and Smartlockr gets to play an important part.

Smartlockr at Zorg en ICT-1

First of all, it was amazing to engage with people in person. Our product may exist in the digital realm, at the end of the day we’re here to make people’s lives easier and more carefree. It was nothing short of unreal to finally be able to meet the ICT professionals at the forefront of modernising healthcare.

Perhaps it was the sharp contrast between an actual event and the lockdowns that preceded it, but regardless, the recent pandemic has taught us that digitisation in healthcare is as important as fuel is to a car.

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As evidenced by the many people we spoke with during the event, the need for modernisation often comes with a frustration: lack of resources, management that prioritises other matters, or simply the staggering amount of work people face to fully transition to the digital world.


“The future of healthcare is closely tied with the future of ICT and that of cyber security in particular. What struck me about the Healthcare & ICT event is that the need for secure emailing has permeated the entire sector. The question people asked me most was not whether or not to prioritise privacy, but how to go about it in the most efficient and effective way!”

Casimir Hammerstein, Head of Growth, Smartlockr


We were excited to see so many people who embraced the change part of Keep up the change, not in the least because it’s exactly the challenge we have the solution for!

“It was nice to hear from different people about their challenges for the future. The best part however was their response to getting a live demonstration. Whether the people we spoke to came from hospitals, homes for the elderly or from any other healthcare background, their response to our product was the same each time: their faces would light up and they’d get a sense of “okay, this could actually work for me!”

Carel van Oosterzee, Business Developer, Smartlockr

The theme Keep up the change at first may have sounded predominantly inspirational. However, the more ICT professionals we spoke with, the more we came to realise that Keep of the change may better be construed as imperative in nature. Because cheerful as the event itself was, it’s clear as day that tomorrow’s healthcare is a product of our actions today.

To truly modernise healthcare, we’ll have to work together and make bold decisions. Covid has shown us the strengths of human stamina as well as the weaknesses of the infrastructure it so heavily depends on. And at the Zorg & ICT event we got to see how something as ostensibly simple as an email solution that gives ICT professionals time and space to focus on their own goals, is one of the most powerful tools at their disposal.

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“ICT is essential for moving healthcare forward. Smartlockr in turn is there to make this easy for end users and ICT professionals alike. I’m very happy that the Healthcare & ICT event proved a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the way Smartlockr will facilitate tomorrow’s healthcare. We look forward to facilitating this essential industry by offering a reliable and user-friendly tool that protects people's data every step of the way!”

Hans de Graaf, CEO of Smartlockr

Did you miss the Healthcare & ICT event last week? Not to worry, our team of cyber security experts is ready to answer all your questions. Simply follow the link below to schedule a demo with them and experience how easy your future can be!

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