Collaboration Smartlockr and Workspace 365: a secure digital workspace

Collaboration Smartlockr and Workspace 365: a secure digital workspace

25th of February, 2020

Workspace 365 has established a strategic partnership with Smartlockr. This means that from today, healthcare organizations and municipalities can work from an adaptive workspace and exchange secure emails that are GDPR, NTA 7516 and Wvggz compliant – with the goal to prevent data breaches. Both software vendors will use each other's technology to provide customers with a better and more secure experience.


A secure digital workspace for municipalities, possible with Smartlockr and Workspace 365

Many municipalities use web portals where citizens can upload documents. Once these documents enter the municipality, this information is sometimes e-mailed by standard e-mail, which means there is always a chance of a data breach. Smartlockr ensures that a municipality complies with the GDPR and that privacy-sensitive data such as social security numbers, extracts and more can be sent securely. Soon, a pilot will start at a large municipality to further develop the integration of Smartlockr within Workspace 365.

“With Workspace 365, healthcare employees and people working in public administration automatically see relevant applications and information based on their location, device and role. We wanted to collaborate with Smartlockr because they ensure compliance to regulations and enable a user-friendly way of working without interrupting the daily work processes,”

said Erik Nicolai, CEO & founder of Workspace 365.


A secure digital workspace with secure email for care organizations

The biggest cause of data breaches is human error. In 2021, there were almost 25.000 reports of data breaches: 37% of these came from healthcare. With Smartlockr, awareness of secure e-mail among healthcare workers will increase, e-mails are encrypted with end-to-end encryption and incorrectly sent messages can be withdrawn afterwards. You can also see whether emails have been read to determine if a data breach has occurred.

“Many of our customers already use the Office suite. By combining our Intelligent Data Protection Platform with Workspace 365, they also protect access to all their applications and information. Besides, we will use the Workspace 365 email client so users can send emails securely, from any device without installing additional software. This collaboration supports our goal to offer a secure work environment and therefore increases digital security. Starting in this workspace, people can easily proceed to their secure e-mail inbox without having to log in again,"

states Roham Rahimi, founder and COO of Smartlockr.


Download our whitepaper "Prevent data breaches, work and communicate more securely"

Download our whitepaper to discover how this digital workplace can help your organization work safely and efficiently!

Secure email from a safe workplace

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