Feature Friday: Logs in admin portal

Feature Friday: Logs in admin portal
Behind the scenes, we are working hard on our Intelligent Data Protection Platform. To keep you informed of all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.” Today: Logs in the admin portal.


Our tracking and blocking function makes it possible to give an insight of the status of a sent email. It also enables us to block a message after sending, if it turns out that a message was sent to the wrong recipient or if the content was not the right content. With the logs in the admin portal, we take things to the next level. As an admin, we make it possible to block safe messages sent by anyone in your organisation. We will explain you this and more in today’s Feature Friday.



Logs in admin portal: insights in all your activities

As an admin, you have more authorizations than a regular user within your organization. As an example, you can create customized content filters for your organization, to give priority to certain privacy-sensitive content. Also, you have the insights on who is an actual user and therefore you can manage, edit, or delete them. Within this portal, you have all the information you need, under one roof.


But, there is more possible. With the logs function, you also have insights on the safe emails, sent with Smartlockr. This means that, as an admin, you can see who has sent an email, who is the recipient, what type of message was sent, and when it was sent – without having access to the content of the email:


By centralizing this information within the portal, you have a good overview of all outgoing emails.


Extra check on outgoing emails

Smartlockr enables the complete control on outgoing emails. You’ll have not only an overview of what was sent, but also the ability to manage the flow of messages.

Imagine: one of your staff members has sent a secure email, by using Smartlockr, to multiple recipients. After sending, it turned out that one of these recipients is not allowed to see the content in this email. Unfortunately, this staff member is out of office and therefore is unable to pull back this email. Does this mean your organization is at a risk now? Not really, because as an admin you are allowed to block messages sent by your staff. This includes blocking the entire email, files or only recipients. By giving the admin the rights to pull back messages sent by others within the organization, Smartlockr enables an extra safety check.

By doing so, Smartlockr minimizes the chance to share information with those who are not allowed to see it.


So, in short:

  • logs give you a clear overview of the safe messages sent with Smartlockr. You can always track who has sent something, to who and when it was sent, and

  • if one of your staff members has sent information to the wrong recipient, you have the ability to block either messages, recipient, or files.

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