Customer Success: always the right attention for the customer

Customer Success: always the right attention for the customer

In our blog last week, we already mentioned why it is important to train your employees. Without the right knowledge and actions, they will be more likely to make mistakes. And of course, you don't want that. That is why it is important to actively involve your employees in your data security. We would like to continue to help you as an organization with this. Because as a customer you can expect the best attention from the Smartlockr Customer Success team, even if you have been using our service for some time.

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This is what you can expect from Customer Success

Implementing a new product can be exciting. As with Smartlockr for your secure communication. This is because technical adjustments must be made on both your side and ours. After that, the Smartlockr Customer Success team ensures that your employees are up-to-date. By increasing awareness, you can prevent human errors.

But after that? What happens next? Even after your employees have the right knowledge, Smartlockr Customer Success will continue to help you in your mission to prevent data leaks. For example, we have:

  • Final interview onboarding 

    Have all goals been achieved? Is Smartlockr set up in the right way, so that you as an organization can start communicating securely?

  • Onboarding Survey

    In addition to product improvements, we also find improvements in the onboarding process important. Your opinion is valuable and that is why we would like to hear how you experienced our onboarding.

  • The monthly Smartlockr Customer Success newsletter 

    Every month we highlight two topics for you to help you use our service. Whether that is a functionality or new developments: we like to keep you up-to-date. Together we ensure that your organization can continue to work safely.

  • NPS score

    During the term of your contract, we would of course also like to hear about your experiences. Do you have feedback or are there areas for improvement? We would also love to hear this!

However, it does not stop there. Our Smartlockr support team will speak to you on working days with all your technical questions. Even if you cannot find a solution for a while, we are happy to find a solution with you. You have an extensive Help center at your disposal, where you can go for frequently asked questions, product updates and you will be kept informed of announcements.

Why the best customer experience is important

This is actually quite simple: having a well-functioning service is one thing, but how you experience the service depends on several factors. Imagine: you opt for an email solution and after a while you run into questions or problems. Then of course you want help with this as soon as possible. Because any delay can ultimately prevent your employees from communicating in the right way. And that can ultimately lead to a data leak.

And so, we can cite many more examples. At Smartlockr we are transparent, and we want to help you on your way. We believe it is important that everyone within your organization has the right knowledge in-house to eliminate human error from all work processes. The Smartlockr Customer Success team is therefore ready to assist you as well as possible. In this way we can work together towards a good cooperation with a common goal: the prevention of data leaks.

this is what you can expect from a partnership with SmartLockr

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