6 ways your CISO and Batman are the same person

6 ways your CISO and Batman are the same person

In a world where "123456" is the most commonly used password, your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) truly is the hero we don't deserve but all need. But that's where the similarities between your CISO and Batman are just beginning. If your organisation employs a CISO, here's 6 reasons why that's the same as having Batman on your payroll:


1. Your CISO is always ahead of cutting edge technology

Your CISO may not drive a batmobile rife with the latest gadgets, but an important part of your CISO's job is to keep up-to-date on all the latest tech developments.

Few people can attest to the importance of knowing everything there is to know on technology as your CISO. Think about it: every bit of technological progress comes with the disclaimer that anything which can be used to make our lives easier and better can also be used with opposite intent. Cybercriminals never take a day off when it comes to finding new, innovative ways to steal your data. That's why your CISO, much like Batman, is always vigilant today and knows what to look out for tomorrow.

2. Your CISO can think like a business executive

Batman by night, Bruce Wayne by day. A CISO is a hero who steps up when someone is at risk, but when not fencing off with cybercriminals they're navigating the equally complicated corporate landscape.

A CISO needs to have a thorough understanding of the business and industry they work in. Cybersecurity after all is an essential requirement for most organisations, but not an end goal. That's why your cybersecurity expert is equally proficient in aligning the (business) needs of an organisation with a proper safety strategy.

To do this successfully, your CISO has to appease to many stakeholders and even get political at times. Technological skills are just as important as knowing how to be persuasive, resolve conflicts and stand your ground. To defend you and your data, your CISO knows how to show strength and how to show wisdom, and when to show which.

3. Your CISO upholds the law

Like Gotham City, our online world struggles with corruption (think of the son of the deposed king of Nigeria "offering" money in exchange for your data as the Joker). And with every data leak, this corruption gains a little more ground. Your CISO therefore is more than just an IT expert. Knowing the law and its many rules, regulations, standards and requirements is just as important in fighting cybercrime.

Put simply, your CISO doesn't just fight to prevent data breaches. They fight to prevent injustice, making them a legal and IT expert in one.

4.Your CISO handles stress, lots and lots of it

Remember that time Batman had to diffuse a nuclear bomb in order to protect an entire city? Replace "nuclear bomb" with "data breach" and you're left with what your CISO might refer to as "Monday".

In a world where data breaches are an ever increasing risk, odds are your CISO eats stress for breakfast.

When you think about it, a CISO's job is never done and doesn't abide by office hours. Like Batman, they can be called upon at any given moment. And without exception these situations need to be treated as emergencies.

So, when Gotham City calls on Batman to save the day, they expect him to be up and ready and wearing a cape in mere seconds. That's exactly the kind of constant readiness your CISO goes by every day.

5. Your CISO gets the blame when things go wrong

As seen in one of our recent polls, a majority of people think their CISO is responsible in the event of a data breach. While your CISO takes it upon themselves to do whatever they can to prevent a data breach from happening (by being an IT, business and legal expert as well as a people's person), no superhero can prevent someone accidentally sending a file to the wrong person.

With most of data leaks caused by "small" human mistakes like these, it's almost a little harsh that your CISO gets the most attention when things go wrong.

Like any superhero, your CISO barely gets credit for disasters that didn't happen, and all the blame for those they couldn't stop.

6. Your CISO, like Batman, could use a helping hand

If you think that maybe your CISO could use some help, you're right. Every superhero comes with one or more trusted sidekicks after all. Where would Batman be without Robin, Alfred or whoever made that batmobile? Likewise, where would your CISO be without a data solution that in and of itself prevents 97% of data leaks from happening, a data solution that increases awareness without distracting from your organisation's main goal? Or rather, where would your CISO be without an IT solution that's Robin, Alfred and a batmobile in one?

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