Why healthcare workers are securing just 20% of sensitive e-mails

Why healthcare workers are securing just 20% of sensitive e-mails

In the healthcare sector, it is estimated that only 4% of all outgoing e-mails are secured. If that figure seems low to you, you’re right. It should be closer to 20% Dutch experts state.

That means that an estimate of 4 out of every 5 e-mails in the healthcare sector that should’ve been secured, are going out without any security at all. That is a whopping 80%! This also means that the risk of suffering a data breach is huge. Because people make mistakes, especially when they’re working under high pressure like in the Healthcare industry.


Secure e-mailing needs two ingredients

To solve this, a two-fold approach is essential. First, it’s essential that you use an email privacy tool. But that tool has to be easy-to-use for everyone in an organization. Because who wants to fiddle around with tools and settings if all you’re doing is sending out an email? A tool that is hard to use is a guarantee that your users won’t be using it at all. And the fewer people are using it, the higher the risk of an – often costly – data breach.

ingredientsSecure emailing requires just two ingredients: a decent tool and awareness.

The second ingredient for a good email security strategy, is creating awareness and understanding of why security is important. While that may sound logical, it’s typically overlooked. If people are aware of why security is needed, they are more likely to apply it.

At Smartlockr we feel both awareness and understanding are essential in creating a solid defense against data leaks. That’s why we not only provide the most user-friendly tool, we also try to educate each user on why security is essential.


What Smartlockr does for you

The solution Smartlockr offers, works in both ways. Let’s start with what our tool does for you. Smartlockr detects the presence of secure information in any outgoing mail. If encryption, or extra authentication is needed, it will be applied automatically. Depending on the settings from the IT department, the user can increase or even decrease the amount of security if they think it requires less or more security.

smartlockr does for you
Smartlockr does the hard work for you. Automatic security, only when you require it.

And while we take care of detecting and securing emails, we’re also working on that very important awareness. If you’re using our Outlook-plugin, the user will get friendly notifications when and why any security is applied.

By giving them this essential information, users better understand why security is indispensable. And because they understand, they are much more likely to keep on using it. This seemingly small step of informing the users is essential in creating awareness and understanding.


Smartlockr and Healthcare

In Healthcare, the correct handling of personal data over email is even more important than for other organizations. Medical data is considered as highly sensitive, and for a good reason. No one wants to see their medical information in the wrong hands.

operation (1)
Healthcare workers have one of the most stressful jobs out there. Taking email security out of the equation can help them out.

And because the workload is high and time scarce, the pressure is always on. Even the best trained staff and most privacy aware people can make mistakes. A good email security tool not only helps them out, it also gives them peace of mind that they’re protected from making mistaken. And in the end, not having to check a sensitive email dozens of times yourself, is a huge time saver.

That’s why using an easy-to-use tool that also works on creating awareness is essential. If you’re not using a tool that helps your workforce out in both issues, a data breach is bound to happen. And you’ve guessed it; Smartlockr will help you with both!


Why not give it a peek?

Smartlockr works with virtually all email solutions and can be tailor-made to suit your organization’s needs. If you’re not offering your workforce an easy-to-use solution to send out private data over email, odds are they are not securing those important emails at all. Discover how you can ramp up your cybersecurity and book your demo today.

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