Why email security is a good investment

Why email security is a good investment

Email is still a popular way of communicating. It’s accessible and all types of information can be shared quickly. But, is data always being shared securely and do we use email the right way to prevent data leaks?

The more we share online, the more we need to look at the security of our data. No one wants sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why we give you 5 reasons why investing in email security should be one of your organizations’ priorities:


5 reasons to investing in email security


  1. Sending information to the wrong person remains biggest cause data leaks

The number of data leaks has increased: last year 29% more data leaks were reported. The main cause remains human error. And guess what? This mainly concerns sending data to the wrong recipient. In 67% of all cases, privacy-sensitive data was inadvertently sent to someone who wasn’t supposed to get access to this data.

Email without the right measures can’t prevent people from making errors. Only with the right secure email solution awareness can be increased. The more awareness, the less errors will be made. Nowadays, there are technologies such as Machine Learning that enable built-in awareness. For example, a sender can be made aware of sensitive data that is being processed in a message, by showing notifications.

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  2. Emails can be blocked after sending

We all know that a mistake is made easily. And often it can have bad consequences. But what if we could recall emails, even when they have been sent already? In email security, it is possible. Did you share something with the wrong recipient or was the sent file not the right one? Then there are several options: you could either block recipients, block a file or block the whole email.

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  3. Email remains a weak link

Email remains a weak link within organizations. Just imagine how much information is exchanged daily, without you knowing what has been sent. This not only concerns information that is sent intendedly, but also, for example the flow of phishing emails. What happens if an attack from outside could intercept your messages and data? How easy could sensitive information be accessed,  if the door to this information is open and allows unauthorized persons to access it?


  4. Data leaks will affect the entire organization

Data  leaks are not only a problem for your IT-department. No, it will be a problem company-wide. In addition to the unpleasant consequences it has for the organization, such as fines and reputation damage, there are also consequences for those who are involved in the data leak.


  5 . Regular email doesn't have the right functionalities that make email secure

Email without the right measures, is like presenting your message to everyone for them to see and read it. The easier we make it for unauthorized people to access, the greater the chance that it will be accessed. But, what is exactly needed to be able to email securely?

In addition to awareness, it is also about using the right functionalities. This means that your messages will remain secure before, during and after sending. Ideally, this means that at least you should be able to use the following:

  • End-to-end encryption, where your message is sent encrypted sending to delivery. Only the authenticated recipient will have access to the message.

  • Two-factor authentication, where a message is useless, unless you have the right keys to get access to it.

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