Why user-friendliness in email security is important

Why user-friendliness in email security is important

The number of data leaks due to human error is still on the rise. With more upcoming privacy regulations, it is expected that this number will grow even more. But what's at the core of these unfortunate incidents, where sensitive information falls into the wrong hands? Beyond the crucial efforts to raise awareness and minimize human errors, another vital piece often gets overlooked: user-friendliness. One of the most concerning outcomes of a tool that lacks user-friendliness is the increased risk of data breaches. 

In this blog post, we explore why user-friendliness isn't just an afterthought, but a crucial ally in the mission to protect your data.


The user-friendly advantage

User-friendliness is more than just an aesthetic factor – it's a core factor that determines whether users will use a tool or abandon it altogether. A software solution that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and presents information logically is more likely to keep users engaged and satisfied. Such tools reduce the learning curve, increase productivity, and ultimately enhance the overall user experience.


The pitfalls of non-user-friendly tools

On the flip side, tools that lack user-friendliness often result in user frustration, dissatisfaction, and feeling overwhelmed. When users struggle to perform basic tasks, find necessary information, or comprehend complex interfaces, they may seek alternative solutions.


The home security analogy

Consider this analogy: imagine investing in the best security system for your house. Everything is set up digitally through one central system. However, to get the most out of this system, there are certain actions required. Otherwise, your home is not secured as it should be - even if you have the best system. So, what could happen if these actions take a lot of your time to set up and are inconvenient for the users / your family members? Chances are you are not using the system correctly, which may lead to gaps in your security system.

home security


The same goes for email security: there are plenty of suppliers that offer a secure service. But the time to focus only on product features is over. Having a secure product is one thing, the ease of use is another important thing.


Why is user-friendliness important in your email security solution?

So, you've got a powerful email security tool in place, but here's the reality: it's not being used as much as you'd hope. We hear it very often and rest assured, you are not alone.

We do have an email security tool but it’s often not used. Users often bypass security measures because they say it’s too complicatedorour support team is constantly busy with individuals that don’t know how to use the tool”.  


This situation underscores the importance of user-friendliness.

Think about it this way: user-friendliness is the secret sauce that determines whether a tool becomes an indispensable part of your workflow or just another headache. A tool that's easy to understand, navigate, and use not only reduces frustration but also boosts productivity. It's like having a clear roadmap that guides you to your destination without unnecessary detours.

Working securely should be synonymous with working seamlessly, and here's why:

  • Workarounds and Shadow IT: When users encounter complexities with an unfriendly tool, they often resort to workarounds or unauthorized solutions like "shadow IT”. These actions can bypass the security measures put in place by the organization, leading to unmanaged and unsecured data pathways.
  • Low adoption and neglected security protocols: Non-user-friendly tools often compel users to skip security protocols in order to save time or simply because they're unclear about the procedures.
  • Lack of proper configuration: User-friendly tools typically guide users or admins through the process of configuring security settings. In contrast, non-user-friendly tools may bury these settings deep within the interface, causing people to overlook them or fail to understand their importance. 


User-friendly solution = Time saver

An easy-to-use email security solution saves time for everyone, including end-users, IT teams, data security experts, and senior management at various levels. These time savings contribute to a more efficient operation of the organization and improved security on multiple fronts.

  • For users: an intuitive email security solution means they spend less time understanding and navigating complex security procedures. They can easily send and receive confidential information securely without cumbersome actions and with peace of mind. This increases their productivity and allows them to focus on their core business instead of spending time trying to figure out how the tool works or switching between apps to ensure compliance.
  • For IT teams, an easy-to-use solution means less technical support and explanation for end users. Fewer technical questions and issues lead to a reduced workload for IT staff, freeing them to devote their time and resources to other strategic projects and technology improvements. This increases the overall efficiency of the IT team and contributes to a smoother operational workflow.
  • In terms of data security teams, an easy-to-use solution offers more effective protection against threats. Users will be less likely to circumvent security measures or take risks, resulting in fewer potential breaches. This not only saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on recovery and investigation but also reduces the potential impact on the reputation and financial health of the organization.
  • At the highest level, the C-level leaders, an easy-to-use email security solution provides peace of mind. With data security that is easy to implement and understand, they can be confident that the organization is compliant and protected against cyber threats. This contributes to a stable and safe business environment and minimizes legal and financial risks.

In short, an easy-to-use email security solution has an impact that goes beyond the surface. It optimizes workflows, strengthens security, and promotes trust in an organization's digital ecosystem.

User-friendliness solution is a Time saver


Embracing People-Centric Solutions

In today's digital landscape, solutions that prioritize people are key. This approach recognizes that technology's strength aligns with human behavior. Tools designed with user-friendliness at their core empower users to follow security measures with ease, fostering a culture of seamless security consciousness.

So, how does a tool like Smartlockr embody people-centric cybersecurity? 

  • User-centered approach: Smartlockr works with users, not against them. It empowers users to prevent data breaches and ensure compliance. 
    • User-friendliness is paramount with Smartlockr. This means that everyone can continue to work as they are used to and no technical knowledge is required.
  • Works where YOU work: functioning on all devices and email clients, Smartlockr’s flexibility promotes user adoption. It adapts to the existing work processes so everyone can continue to work in the way they are already used to. 
  • Tailored flexibility: adapting security to unique organizational needs, Smartlockr offers personalized protection, addressing unique needs and industry compliance.
    • Choose how users interact with security: with and/or without a plug-in
  • Best of both worlds: At Smartlockr, we give organizations the freedom to choose how they want to use our services:
    • Whether you want to use the plug-in, don't want to use a plug-in or even a combination of both, Smartlockr allows everyone to work in their own preferred way. This is how we ensure that everyone actively uses our platform to protect data.
    • Use your own content filters to increase security. Administrators can add personal rules, risks, and filters and configure their own functionalities.
    • And best of all? At Smartlockr you can create your own pricing plan, so you only pay for the features you actually use!


In conclusion

The nexus of user-friendliness and data security isn't just about convenience – it's a strategic necessity. Intuitive tools bolster user adherence to security protocols, fortifying defenses against breaches. By embracing user-centered design, organizations elevate user experience and consolidate their data security stance.

Ultimately, the connection between user-friendliness and data security isn't a mere convenience; it's a strategic synergy where simplicity orchestrates a robust defense against the complexities of modern threats.

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