Turn your Achilles' heel into your biggest Data Loss Prevention asset

Turn your Achilles' heel into your biggest Data Loss Prevention asset

In 2020 alone, data breaches cost us a total of 850 million euros

That's roughly the same as the GDP of the Netherlands.

Worse yet, most of all data breaches are the result of human error. In other words: if we can tackle human error, we can save ourselves about half a trillion euros, every year.

Seeing is believing. Discover how SmartLockr prevents human error

The term human error sounds very serious and perhaps slightly judgmental. Perhaps human nature does a better job at describing the tiny, seemingly innocent mistakes all of us make every so often: accidentally sending an email to the wrong person, sending the wrong attachment, confusing cc and bcc, and so on.

Because making mistakes is inherently human, we'd like to demonstrate the importance of using an email solution that fits our imperfect nature perfectly. Want to know why people using SmartLockr don't have to worry about making mistakes? Scroll down to find out!

This is how SmartLockr prevents human error


1. Increasing awareness from the start

Preventing human error starts well before any mistakes see the light of day. Whenever an employee fills the "To"-field with an email address outside of their own organisation, a simple notification appears: "one or more recipients do not belong to your organisation."

It's a very easy and non-intrusive way for people to make sure their recipient is the right one. It doesn't slow down the email you're writing in any way, but does increase awareness on secure emailing.

It's like a computer reminding you to take your keys every time you're about to leave the house: perhaps a little redundant in most cases, but life-saving the one time a little human error made you forget your key.

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2. Content filter

Human error comes easy when people have to multitask, dividing their attention between their own work and best practices for secure communication.

Imagine how easy life becomes if all your employees can focus on their job while we focus on their privacy. That's why anyone using SmartLockr can count on us to alert them whenever their email and attachments contain content commonly associated with sensitive data.



3. Confirm recipients and attachments

Whenever someone uses SmartLockr to send an email securely, we make sure the recipients are checked and double checked. The same goes for making sure the attachments are the right ones.

When you send an email, it only takes a second to verify someone's email address, but it's that very second that can save your company millions in fines and damages. More importantly, it's another way SmartLockr increases awareness. The more your employees use SmartLockr, the more they contribute to preventing data breaches.

Picture 1 Confirm-recipients-SL


4. Data protection after clicking "send"

In terms of preventing human error, SmartLockr can be described as a game changing "tweak" that turns your biggest liability into your biggest security asset. We say "tweak" because people using SmartLockr often barely notice it's SmartLockr empowering them to increase their online safety.

Except maybe when someone wants to keep a hold of their data, even after clicking "send". Preventing data breaches can best be achieved by giving people full control of their own data. That's why people using SmartLockr can track emails they sent. And if for whatever reason they want to "unsend" an email, they can do so with a single click.

Want to turn your employees from liabilities into your biggest security assets as well? 

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