This is how easy Smartlockr works for recipients

This is how easy Smartlockr works for recipients

In this series, we will highlight one of our features every Friday. Our Intelligent Data Protection Platform consists of powerful features, which ensure that you can communicate in a user-friendly and secure way. With these blogs, we will show how these features work. Explained simple, short and to the point!

How easy Smartlockr is for senders, you know by now. But, our product is also user-friendly for recipients. In today's blog post you will see how that looks like and works.


A user-friendly product for both sender and recipient

As a sender, there are 4 ways to send a message. That means that you as a recipient will have 4 different ways to receive/open files. Here we will explain briefly how that works:

  • A public file
    When you have received a public file, you will receive an email from the sender (just like  you are used to from a normal email). You will then find a link in this email. If you click on this link, you will be redirected to a Smartlockr portal. The sent file can be found within this portal. The name says it all:  this is a 'public file',  so no additional security options have been applied,

  • A secure file
    Secure files can be sent with one or two-factor authentication.
    • In the case of one-factor authentication, you will receive two emails from Smartlockr. The first email contains the message from the sender, with a notification from Smartlockr stating that another message with the files is on its way. In the second message you will find a password and a link: after clicking on the link, enter the password and you'll have access to the files.

  • A secure message
    With a secure message, both message and files are sent securely. In addition to one-factor authentication, as explained above, there is also the option for two-factor authentication.
    • With two-factor authentication, you as a recipient must verify yourself by email and phone number. This is done by SMS: the sender has entered your number, after which you will receive an SMS. In this SMS you will find a code, which then gives you access to the secure portal where you can download the files.

  • An uploadrequest
    Did you receive an upload request? Then you can easily send files in a secure way. Via a link in the email, you will be redirected to the environment where you can upload the files.
    And the easiest part? The recipient has already indicated what the desired files are, so you will immediately send the correct files. That saves hassle afterwards!

In this video you will see how this exactly works for you: 




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