The fight against data leaks accelerates with new investment

The fight against data leaks accelerates with new investment

Amsterdam, 11th of May 2021 - Every year, millions of emails are sent with privacy-sensitive data. The annual data breach figures from the Dutch Data Protection Authority show that this does not always happen safely. Every year again, human error remains the biggest cause of data leaks, as sensitive data is sent to the wrong person. Smartlockr, based in Amsterdam, has therefore developed an innovative Intelligent Data Protection Platform with one mission in mind: to fight data leaks. With this platform, users can exchange data more easily, more consciously, and more securely. Always with the convenience of the user, regardless of technical background. This saves a lot of workload and complicated work processes in sectors where this is an important issue, such as healthcare. For further growth, the company received a capital injection from NextGen Ventures 2 and Security of Things Fund from Value Creation Capital.

Sending privacy-sensitive information and data breaches have been a concern for some time now since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). In addition, NTA 7516, a supplementary NEN standard for healthcare and municipalities, established clear guidelines for secure emailing and the exchange of medical data. This provided a new approach to secure communication, as compliance with this standard became a requirement within these sectors.

Smartlockr has been able to further develop the platform in a short period. In doing so, it was able to make the necessary adjustments, which resulted in the NTA 7516 certification for suppliers. With this, the company allows healthcare organizations and municipalities to comply with the standard. Safe emailing in a user-friendly way is what Smartlockr stands for. By providing notifications when processing sensitive content, a check on attachments and recipients, a high level of security through Multifactor authentication and message encryption, among other things, Smartlockr takes data security to a higher level, in compliance with all applicable regulations. And if you did send something wrong, you can always block e-mails afterward.

Integrations with different systems, email clients, and devices

Smartlockr has developed an API and SMTP Relay Service, allowing the platform to integrate easily within existing work processes. For example, all securely sent e-mails are linked to frequently used systems such as EPD, CRM, and DMS systems. This allows various communication channels to be optimally utilized, standardized where possible, and personalized via email where necessary. For users, this also means that secure emailing within Outlook in the browser, Gmail, and on the cell phone is made possible. Besides security, user-friendliness is also increased. This makes it possible to send emails securely from any location, on any device.

Hans de Graaf, CEO Smartlockr: "We are very pleased with the new investment. Nextgen Ventures 2 and Value Creation Capital are both very experienced investors in their own fields who understand this market very well. With this investment, we can accelerate even faster in the fight against data breaches!

Peter Haasjes, Investment Director NextGen Ventures: "NextGen Ventures 2 invests in companies that improve healthcare and contribute to reducing healthcare costs. Smartlockr contributes to this by making digital communication within the healthcare and welfare sector easier and safer.

Aldebert Wiersinga, Managing Partner Value Creation Capital: "Since the previous investment round, we have become even more enthusiastic about the Smartlockr proposition and team. The rapid growth in both customers and users, proves the strongly growing need for secure information exchange, both in the non-profit and profit sector. With this new investment, Smartlockr can continue to scale up, both nationally and internationally.


For more information on this topic, please contact:

Hans de Graaf

NextGen Ventures
Peter Haasjes
Investment director 

Value Creation Capital
Aldebert Wiersinga
Managing Partner 


Smartlockr is a data security company of Dutch origin, headquartered in Amsterdam. The company currently operates in the Netherlands and Sweden. Smartlockr has developed an Intelligent Data Protection Platform, which helps with the secure exchange of privacy-sensitive data. Its mission is to combat data breaches within healthcare, municipalities, and financial organizations.


NextGen Ventures

NextGen Ventures is an investment fund for healthcare technology and medical technology companies. The fund primarily invests in data-driven innovations that make healthcare better and more efficient, thereby driving positive change within healthcare.


Value Creation Capital

Value Creation Capital (VCC) invests in companies active in high tech (through its TechNano Fund), cybersecurity (via Security of Things Fund), business software, data intelligence, and IT managed services. VCC was founded in 2005 by ICT serial entrepreneurs, who have started, built, and sold interesting high-growth ICT/Deep Tech companies. VCC distinguishes itself by combining "intellectual capital", sector experience & expertise, extensive network, and active value creation of companies ''to the next level''.

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