How VKG enables its employees to protect their data

How VKG enables its employees to protect their data

For over 70 years, VKG has been a reliable partner for Dutch insurers and lenders alike, taking care of the administration and claim settlements for their products and services. VKG offers financial advisors access to the widest possible range of financial services and couples this with fast and efficient service. Additionally, VKG is actively committed to maintaining a local presence, offering advice by experts from a customer’s own area. With advanced digital solutions, they make life easier for financial advisors.


“Email constitutes a large part of our communication”

Martijn Bolding, System Administrator Infrastructure & Security VKG, talks about communication processes at VKG: “Through the extranet hundreds of advisors ensure their clients are properly insured, day in day out. Communication between insured parties, advisors and VKG employees naturally plays a key role in all of this and is facilitated by our ICT solutions, including phone and email.”


The need for a secure emailing solution

Warranting data security is VKG’s top priority. That’s why Bolding launched the Secure Emailing project: “We help our employees with best practices for working with data. Everybody at VKG knows how to process the privacy sensitive data in our systems. Additionally, We regularly show our employees examples of methods criminals have used to extract data. It’s how we as a company remain vigilant toward any incoming emails.”


“Smartlockr checked all our boxes”

VKG decided on Smartlockr after careful consideration. Bolding: “The ICT department is expected to enable the entire organisation to work with data securely. Sending data by email therefore should be easy and safe. We were looking for a solution to do just that. Smartlockr checked all our boxes.”


“Why Smartlockr? Because it enables us to send data through email securely.” 


From consideration to smooth onboarding

“To sum it up briefly: it was all new to me. Despite familiar software providers offering their services, we ended up at Smartlockr. They explained to me what would and wouldn’t be possible, which put my mind at ease. We ended up deciding on Smartlockr fairly quickly.
A major deciding factor here was Smartlockr’s implementation procedures and the way these made for a smooth onboarding. This included documentation for the end user. It was all very well organised, making my job easier, in part thanks to Smartlockr’s communication tools and manuals. During the onboarding process, Smartlockr was always there to answer any of my questions, resulting in a smooth onboarding.”


Adoption by VKG employees

“I noticed VKG employees were quick to adopt Smartlockr. When I check the portal, I can see it’s used a lot. I’m also happy to see two factor authentication being used avidly, for instance to send files securely to external parties. Smartlockr strikes a good balance between user friendliness and security,” Bolding says.


"It was one of the smoothest onboardings I ever experienced."

Bolding: “If I were to grade Smartlockr, it’d get a 9 out of 10. 10 out of 10 is of course impossible. My advice would be that you keep your customers better appraised of all developments, something I would personally appreciate very much. That said, it’s by far one of the smoothest onboardings I ever experienced. Particular Smartlockr’s ability to think ahead with us proved really useful during the implementation!”


“I’d give Smartlockr a 9 out of 10."


Want to experience how Smartlockr can benefit your organisation? Simply click on the link below for a free demo, and see Smartlockr in action!


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