Novadic-Kentron chooses Smartlockr for secure healthcare communication

Novadic-Kentron chooses Smartlockr for secure healthcare communication

Creating new opportunities together". That's what we do at Novadic-Kentron. Based in the Dutch province of Brabant, with a partner network covering the entire country, they employ their expertise on addiction disorders to fuel a healthy, social and safe society

The email solution that was more of a problem


We sat down with Stefan Gensen, who's been Novadic-Kentron's ICT manager for the past 1.5 years.

The organisation already had an email solution in play, but it didn't work the way it was supposed to. "Let's start at the beginning: Novadic hopped on board safe communication early on. However the solution they used was not user friendly, unstable and often simply didn't work: text messages that weren't being sent, emails that didn't arrive…not at all a solution."

Novadic eventually realised a better, more reliable alternative was necessary: "It took us quite a while to start looking for another email solution. Fortunately I was treading on familiar territory, as I joined Novadic with 15 years of working in healthcare under my belt, during which I came across many organisations in need of a secure emailing solution. Based on my experience I drafted a shortlist."


Searching for innovation with NTA 7516 compliancy

Novadic-Kentron was ready for a new, better solution: "NTA 7516 is no longer optional, but attaining NTA 7516 compliancy is very much a technological challenge. If you choose an email solution that only checks 10 of the 20 required boxes, you're left to do half the work yourself. For me it goes without saying you go for a provider who does this for you."

“I wanted a solution that wouldn't be labour intensive for us.”

Gensen continues: "Eventually I landed on a shortlist of five providers, who provided a demo for me and some of my colleagues. Although technically all met a similar standard, we direct our attention to the usability by asking end users for their opinion."


Comparing providers

After reviewing all the demos the time had come to make a choice. "Based on all our evaluations, including those of our test group, we chose Smartlockr.

There were multiple reasons Smartlockr took home the crown. It just felt right for the end user, striking the right balance between efficacy and simplicity. Additionally, I appreciated Smartlockr's follow-up to the demo they'd provided. Other providers were very quick to try and win us over to their side, something that can actually become a bit annoying after a phone call or two. Smartlockr has managed to strike the right balance there as well, being helpful without imposing."


Onboarding Smartlockr

The onboarding process kickstarted once we settled on Smartlockr:Onboarding was surprisingly simple, requiring little effort from our side. I'm also happy to see that the end users have embraced using Smartlockr, so when asked if I'm satisfied I can wholeheartedly say 'yes' to that!

Ever since Smartlockr has gone live I've heard very little about it. We did monitor its use very well for the first couple of months and learned that Smartlockr was used by every employee from the very start. Even the ones that have little to no savviness for working with computers are capable of using Smartlockr without any problems. I think it's safe to say everybody at Novadic-Kentron is happy with Smartlockr.”

“If I were to grade Smartlockr, I'd award it an 8 out of 10. User friendliness, easy onboarding and open communication are the most important benefits to me.”


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