SMTP Relay Service: the mailman you didn't know you needed

SMTP Relay Service: the mailman you didn't know you needed

Question: what happens to your data after you click on ‘Send’?

When you mail a letter the old fashioned way, you’d expect it to arrive at its intended destination in a matter of days. Considering everything that needs to happen for your letter to get from A to B, this is actually quite an impressive feat.

Even more so in the case of emails.

The real question is: who’s the mailman for your emails?

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The more you email, the more important your process

Does your organisation regularly send out emails with confidential information, bulks of automated invoices, or perhaps marketing emails to large groups of customers?

The more emails you send, the more essential it is to streamline this effort.

For one thing, every major email provider warrants against spamming. Sending one email to a colleague? No problem. 1000 automated messages per day? That’s another story. Your email provider will play it safe and prevent your email from arriving at its destination or, even worse, have it end up at unauthorised parties.

Most importantly though, you’ll want to make sure every email you send it secured. If preventing data breaches is important to you that is.

Of course Smartlockr makes it very easy to secure each and every email you send with the click of a button, but the more emails you send, the more clicks you’ll need to ensure your data stays safe.


Increase security and efficiency simultaneously

The solution: a mailman, but slightly upgraded: Smartlockr’s SMTP Relay Service (“Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”, in case you ever get that question at a trivia quiz) is the mailman you didn’t know you needed.

Smartlockr’s SMTP Relay Service has a simple purpose: it ensure all your emails are sent with the right security and end up at the intended recipient. To illustrate: sending emails without an SMTP Relay Service is like expecting a carrier pigeon to flawlessly deliver thousands of letters at exactly the right destination. Not something you’d do lightly.
Sending emails using the Smartlockr SMTP Relay Service is akin to giving thousands of letters to an equal amount of personal bodyguards who’ll protect your data with their lives and make sure your data arrives at its right destination.

To sum up the benefits of the Smartlockr SMTP Relay Service:

  1. Everyone in your organisation emails 100% securely, without any effort whatsoever.

  2. Everyone works in their own familiar environment, like Outlook (in a browser), Gmail or on a mobile phone. All without the need for separate apps that impose on existing work processes (read: 'separate apps that increase the odds of a data breach happening).

  3. Does your organisation use a content filter? The Smartlockr SMTP Relay Service jumps into action the moment an email and/or attachment contains any sensitive data.

  4. Have you whitelisted one or more email domains? No problem, Smartlockr will immediately, saving you precious time. Of course, blacklisted email domains will automatically be blocked forward your emails to those domains.

  5. Last but not least: it makes life a lot easier if you’re an IT professional. You’ll spend way less time being a help desk, leaving you with more time to do actual IT work.


Experience it for yourself!

Comparing the Smartlockr SMTP Relay Service with a mailman doesn’t do the first one justice. It’s a bit like comparing a bike to a Ferrari.

Do you want to experience the difference between a bike and a Ferrari, or would you settle for everyone in your organisation being able to email 100% securely with 0% effort? Click on the link below to schedule a free demo from one of our data security experts!

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