Smartlockr trainings: more knowledge, higher adoption

Smartlockr trainings: more knowledge, higher adoption

Anyone who has opted for an e-mail solution has been helped, right? Essentially yes. But we still must look further than just the software that has been purchased. Having a secure and well-functioning service is one, but also using it in the right way is the second.

And that is when your employees come in. They are the ones who will use the product and can also guarantee the security of your data. In other words: your employees are central to the effective prevention of data leaks. Only if they handle your data consciously - and in the right way - can the secure exchange be guaranteed.

More knowledge within the organization means higher adoption

It is actually quite simple: if you use a new program or system within your organization, you also want everyone to be able to use it. Otherwise, you run the risk of people working around the system. And of course, you do not want that, especially when it comes to data security.

At Smartlockr, we therefore find it important that your employees possess the right knowledge. Those who are well informed will be able to handle systems better. But there are even more advantages:

  • Your employees will feel more confident when emailing. Many employees do not like change, especially if they have to implement it themselves.
  • Engaged employees will be more committed to what is important to your organization. This will prevent data security from being seen as “difficult” and they will take this seriously. “Just quickly send this file without extra security”, no one will think this as quickly if one knows what the consequences could be if this ends up with the wrong person.
  • The costs of well-trained employees are lower than the financial costs associated with a data leak. Human error remains the number one cause of data leaks. It is therefore important to make your weakest links your strongest defense. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also unnecessary costs afterwards


Take advantage of the Smartlockr training courses

Sharing as much knowledge as possible, in as little time as possible. That is what we want to achieve with Smartlockr. Ultimately, it is all about your employees being able to use our service. We want to share knowledge, not flood your employees with knowledge. That is why we have various training options that you can use as an organization. As not all training aids will work equally as effective for everyone.

Smartlockr therefore has an extensive set of options available to train your employees as well as possible. Some of these are:

A monthly webinar for new customers

Your employees will be introduced to Smartlockr in no more than an hour. Our Customer Success Manager will demonstrate the main functionalities of Smartlockr. During this session, all questions will be answered immediately and your employees will instantly get a feel of Smartlockr after seeing it.

Access to How-to video’s

Sometimes you want to learn on your own. At your own pace, in your own time. This is possible with our various How-to videos, available to all of our customers. By watching the tutorials themselves, your employees can easily learn to work with Smartlockr. Simply explained, from the Smartlockr environment.

User manual

While one likes to see how something works, the other prefers to write this down in a step-by-step plan or user manual. With a clear explanation for every part, along with print screens and a clear structure, this manual serves as a guideline for the use of our service.

“Train de trainer”- webinar

We can provide your employees with all the knowledge about us, but of course it is more fun if this is done internally. That is what we have our “Train the trainer” webinar for. We will train a select group within your organization to become Smartlockr experts, who will share all acquired knowledge with the rest of the organization.

Everyone has his or her own way of acquiring knowledge. By offering various training options, Smartlockr helps you achieve your goal: to inform your employees as well as possible, so that the adoption of Smartlockr is a success. Ultimately, this will help prevent data leaks.


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