Feature Friday: Single Sign-on

Feature Friday: Single Sign-on

In this series, we will highlight one of our features every Friday. Our Intelligent Data Protection Platform consists of powerful features, which ensure that you can communicate in a user-friendly and secure way. With these blogs we will show how these features work. Explained simple, short and to the point!

Today we have Single Sign-on (SSO), a way to sign in which is both more secure and also less time consuming.  How that exactly works and can be of great benefit to your organizationyou will read in todays Feature Friday. 


What is Single Sign-on? 

It's simple, the name says it all: it’s a proces that only requires to log in one single time. This way, as a user, you can access multiple websites and applications, with just one set of credentials -  a username and password. And you only need to use this one time to log in,  because you are already authorized after the first login attempt and remain logged in within these environments.  

An example: you use one account for your daily tasks at work, for different programs. Normally, you should log in again every time you use a program. Not only can this be experienced as annoying: it is also not secure. Every time you log in, there is a chance that the credentials can be intercepted. This could result in unauthorized persons gaining access to these programs, which could eventually give them access to sensitive information. 


Logging in once can easily prevent this. 



The benefits of Single Sign-On 

When it comes to data security, there is plenty to consider. Working securely in a user-friendly way is desirable. With SSO you make work processes of everyone within the organization easier.  

And that’s not allbecause it has more benefits, including 



Secure login with Smartlockr 

A secure way of 
working needs to be user-friendly as well. And that is made possible with SSO. It has two main advantages when it comes to secure mailing 

  • As an admin, you don't have to manage and monitor different accounts. For example, Smartlockr integrates with Azure AD and ADFS, making login easy and fast with these accounts.  

  • The user is not hindered from the conversations which start in the inbox and continue in the secure Smartlockr portals. Once logged in, you can switch easily and quickly within the various secure environments.  


 How that exactly works, you’ll see here in the video:  




secure emailing

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