Quiz: Are you a data breach waiting to happen?

Quiz: Are you a data breach waiting to happen?

Security procedures can be tricky if you don’t understand them, and impossible if you aren’t aware they exist. Human error causes 82% of all data breaches, therefore it is important that everyone in an organization is trained in the basic steps of data loss prevention.

This is why we have put together a test to see how well you know your day-to-day cybersecurity! Are you a data breach waiting to happen or a cybersecurity expert in training? Answer the questions below, once you have completed it and clicked 'Done' your score will show at the top. Read the results below the quiz based on your score. Have fun!

Cybersecurity Expert in Training: 8-11 points

Congratulations, you know what you are talking about when it comes to basic cybersecurity! Your CISO or Security Manager can trust that you won’t fall for any of the basic cybersecurity traps. Keep being aware and update yourself on information security etiquette.

Cybersecurity Novice: 4-7 points

You have definitely picked up a thing or two when it comes to cybersecurity. We don’t expect to find any sticky notes with passwords on your computer screen, but you still have some things to learn. Talk to your CISO or Security Manager about the questions you got wrong and discuss what procedures and policies your organization has in place, to move up a rank to Cybersecurity Expert in Training.

Immediate cybersecurity training needed: 0-4 points

We are sorry to say it, but you are a walking data breach. Not to worry, this can be fixed without any issue. All you need is a little cybersecurity training, and you will be good to go! Sit down with your CISO or Security Manager for an afternoon and talk through the basic etiquette to prevent data breaches in your organization.

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and have learned something about cybersecurity basics. Do you want to read more about how to prevent data breaches? Download our whitepaper via the link below.

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