Precision meets prevention: Smartlockr introduces AI

Precision meets prevention: Smartlockr introduces AI

In today's fast-paced digital world, where we're all juggling countless apps, dealing with solution overload (and fatigue!), and dodging distractions left and right, it's no surprise that oops moments lead to data breaches. Recognizing this challenge, Smartlockr has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance email security and protect sensitive information.

This innovative technology provides organizations with enhanced and more user-friendly protection against accidental data loss.

Smartlockr's Artificial Intelligence not only enhances security but does so in a way that minimizes disruptions and manual work, allowing organizations to focus on their core activities with confidence, knowing that their sensitive information is safeguarded.” Says Hans de Graaf, CEO at Smartlockr.


Precision and efficiency in email security 

Only protect what should (truly) be protected. 

Smartlockr's AI analyzes both content and context, enabling it to effectively distinguish between routine communication and potential security risks. The result? Sensitive data is identified, and the right security measures are applied without disrupting user workflows.

With an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 75%, our AI solution doubles the efficacy of protection compared to standard data loss prevention content policies. This enhancement not only minimizes false positives but also ensures the precise and reliable identification of potential threats, contributing to an overall reinforcement of security measures. Organizations can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their security game is strong, allowing uninterrupted focus on core business activities.


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Automatic and customizable security, without the manual work

The true power of Smartlockr's AI unfolds as manual work and unnecessary burdens are eliminated for users, security teams, and IT professionals. At Smartlockr, we believe in cybersecurity that is people-centric and effortlessly integrates into your daily operations empowering you to focus on core activities with confidence. 

This advanced algorithm not only is more effective against accidental data loss but also streamlines email security by eliminating the need for manual work or unnecessary burdens, both for the users and for the security and IT teams.

  • Users benefit from automatic protection seamlessly integrated into their current email workflows. Smartlockr works in the background by identifying (truly) sensitive information and automatically applying the right level of security.
    Despite the robust protection in place, users won't notice any changes, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.  
  • Cybersecurity and IT teams can boost productivity by saying goodbye to manual work to keep the content policy up to date. Smartlockr’s AI is dynamically enhanced, relieving organizations from content policy management.
  • One-size-DOESN'T-fit-all. Customize security levels to align with your organization's specific needs and requirements. 


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Interested in knowing how your company can also embrace a future where sensitive information is safeguarded with precision and efficiency? Contact us today to see how Smartlockr, powered by AI, can protect your data. 

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