UPDATE - NTA 7516 meeting: Digital testing certification via NEN

UPDATE - NTA 7516 meeting: Digital testing certification via NEN

On Wednesday 25 February a new meeting was held from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport about the latest developments concerning the NTA 7516. Together with the NEN and relevant suppliers, our CTO Bert Sinnema and Product Owner Robbert Elshout sat down to discuss the state of affairs.

The NTA 7516 is coming

Preparations for suppliers are still in full swing. 14 May , the deadline by which both organizations and suppliers must be compliant, is coming closer. And that means that there are only a few months left . But how are we currently doing and what can we expect?

"It was a good consultation chaired by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport," says Robbert.


The input from NEN and suppliers was also valuable. During this consultation a number of issues were discussed, whereby it is clearer for each organization - both suppliers and organizations - which points will receive extra attention. Here is a short summary:

  • Interoperability is a strong requirement from the NTA 7516 . The point here is that healthcare institutions and municipalities can easily communicate with each other, regardless of the supplier chosen. The right measures and steps must therefore be taken to ensure that this will ultimately happen. It will be the employees who will use the solution and you want usability and safety to be made possible. During the meeting it was therefore discussed how this can be arranged safely;

  • Tightening of technical standards . These standards have already been laid down earlier, but still left room for tightening. These standards were discussed and tightened up on a number of points in consultation. This makes it even clearer what is expected from healthcare organizations and municipalities;

  • Technological developments also require looking into the future . This part has therefore been extensively discussed, because how can a technology such as blockchain, for example, be used to offer safety and transparency? ”, Says Robbert.

Smartlockr already uses technologies such as Machine Learning and AI to make the platform smarter and safer. The points discussed also provide good tools for Smartlockr to look ahead as an innovative platform and to anticipate the needs of the market.

NTA 7516 status Smartlockr

Smartlockr is one of the suppliers that has signed the declaration of intent for "Safe e-mail in healthcare" . With signing, Smartlockr therefore has the mission to meet this standard in time. Satisfying in this case means having a solution for the requirements that the NTA 7516 sets for suppliers.

All suppliers have recently been asked to complete a self-assessment, to indicate whether the current state of affairs can satisfy the standard. If this is not possible on certain points, then it must be indicated on which period this can be achieved.
Smartlockr is currently the only supplier that has indicated that it can meet all points. This means that the service with the current situation is ready for the audit that will take place in April / May. This is good to know, because as an organization you only have a few months to go and choosing a supplier can no longer be postponed.

For an overview of the other suppliers you can go here .


Do you want to find out more about the NTA 7516?

If you have any questions about the status or principles of the NTA 7516, you can always reach us via sales@smartlockr.eu or +31 (0) 20 244 03 50.

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