KRC Van Elderen now sends large files securely with Smartlockr

KRC Van Elderen now sends large files securely with Smartlockr

One of the audit firms that uses the Smartlockr Data Protection Platform is KRC van Elderen accountants | belastingadviseurs . With 6 different branches and almost 100 employees, they have all disciplines in-house in the field of accountancy work, tax advice and business advice.

We were curious about the experiences with Smartlockr. That is why we contacted KRC van Elderen and Jorick Jansen shared their experience.


About KRC Van Elderen accountants | belastingadviseurs

Hi Jorick, thank you for sharing your experiences with Smartlockr. Can you briefly explain who you are and what your accounting firm does exactly?

" KRC Van Elderen accountants | belastingadviseurs is an accountancy organization where the customer is central, our motto is: 'heart for result!'.

Organizations with a beating heart. We believe in that. We are committed to that. We connect with the essence of every company and translate our knowledge into advice and services that do what they have to do: keep the heart of the organization going and further strengthen it.

Within KRC van Elderen I am a relationship manager. This means that I am the point of contact for all questions that the customers have. In addition, I am in the ICT working group together with three other colleagues. We look at both internal and external automation. Where do we want to go in the future? What do our customers expect from us? "



Jorick Jansen, Relationship manager


The Goal: Secure File Sharing

What was the problem you were looking for a solution to?

 Being able to securely send large files to our customers . Especially large files are difficult to send by email. In audit practice you often see that our customers deliver huge collections of data via WeTransfer, Dropbox or, for example, via a USB stick . This is not desirable, especially since it is not AVG-proof. ”


The solution: Smartlockr

How did you end up at Smartlockr?

“We have taken over a client from another accountancy firm. When we asked for some permanent data, it was sent to us via Smartlockr. This looked professional and very handy!

We had been looking for such a solution for a while, given that free alternatives such as Dropbox and WeTransfer are owned by commercial American parties. ”


“Smartlockr is a simple solution to securely exchange files between client and accountant, both ways”


Why did you ultimately choose Smartlockr?

“The introduction of the GDPR has played a major role in the choice of a solution. We were looking for a simple solution to securely exchange files between client and accountant .

We were able to test the software extensively in advance through an online demo and trial period. Going live took little time and effort.

It turns out to be the requested solution for us. In addition, the SaaS model ensures that we spend almost no time on maintenance and updates. ”


The right platform also helps your organization enable secure file sharing. Curious how? Request your free trial or demo today .

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