7 important tips for email security you don’t want to miss

7 important tips for email security you don’t want to miss

An easy way to get access to your personal data, is by e-mail. That’s why you should be aware when sending or receiving emails. Here we have 7 email security steps for you to follow, to keep your data secure: 

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Steps to secure email you can follow

  1. Use different e-mail accounts

    Are you someone who uses one account for multiple services? Then you are not the only one. While this is easy, it is not entirely secure. Because what would happen if someone got access to this account? This would mean that this single account could grant access to multiple accounts with a lot of data - and that could have unpleasant consequences.

  2. Use a strong password

    A password provides access to your sensitive data, so why should we make this easy? Easy passwords are still being used, with all possible bad consequences that entails. Because if you can easily remember your password, chances are that cyber criminals can retrieve this password.

  3. Be alert to phishing e-mails

    Fake e-mails nowadays are hard to distinguish from real ones. The trick is to quickly recognize these kinds of e-mails. Phishing e-mails contain components that can be used to provide smart access to all your data.

  4. Be careful with links in e-mails

    Opening an infected e-mail, in general, can’t do wrong: it only happens when you click on links in these e-mails. These links often refer to pages on websites, where your data can be read.

  5. Don't open every file

    Are you not expecting files, but did you receive them just like that? Then this could be suspicious. This certainly applies if they come from an unknown sender. Often there is malware behind this, which gives hackers access to your device and thus your data.

  6. Never read your e-mail from a public network

    The name says it all: public means that everyone can work on this network. So also a cyber criminal, who can use advanced technologies to intercept data from anyone who works on that network.

  7. Never click on “unsubscribe” in spam emails

    Unsubscribing from spam e-mails is impossible. This option, which seems very attractive, will get you into even more trouble. An “unsubscribe” works the same as a wrong link in an e-mail. You will be directed to an environment where hackers can get started.



Would you like to know more about secure emailing?

Secure email is one thing you can consider if you’d like to keep your data secure. But, there is more. If you wish to stay up to date, read our page about secure emailing or keep an eye on our blogs. We are happy to share all tips and tricks with you.

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