How people-centric cybersecurity keeps you safe and saves you time

How people-centric cybersecurity keeps you safe and saves you time

Cybersecurity becoming increasingly important for any organization. Fortunately, everybody knows that by now. And that's why many organizations use software that keeps their valuable data safe. But a perfect cybersecurity solution not only keeps your data safe, it can also save you time across all layers of your organizations. And time is a scarce commodity, everyone knows that. But how, then, does a people-centric cybersecurity platform save time? You'll read about it in this blog.  

You are not truly secure as an organization until you factor in human beings as the biggest contributors to data breaches into your cyber strategy. Thankfully, there is people-centric cybersecurity to help you with that. With it, you not only keep your valuable data safe, but you make it easy for everyone to do. This people-centered form of cybersecurity is sometimes also referred to as human-centric cybersecurity.  

carefree-human-centric-solution-high-resA user-friendly cybersecurity solution can save users a lot of worry while saving time, too!


People-centric cybersecurity works more efficiently  

People-centric data security takes into account humans as the weakest link. This can be done in a number of ways. First, security can be automated. In that case, the correct protection is automatically applied behind the scenes and the user does not notice anything at all. An efficient way of security where you make it as easy as possible for the user! 

The second option is to involve and inform the user more about security. Security can still be applied automatically, but the user is shown why and what form of security is applied. By informing the user, everyone becomes much more aware of the security and the need for it.

Besides giving them a good tool with this form of human-centered data security, you also ensure that they themselves are much more alert to possible data leaks, external dangers and their role therein.  

danger-awareness-high-resWith the right resources, you can make it easier for people to perform difficult tasks. In this case, the crosswalk is the tool that makes it easy to cross a busy road. 

With human-centered cybersecurity, you make it as easy as possible for your own people to email quickly and securely. But the human-centric approach isn't just great for end users; it also benefits the IT department, CISO and management. While human-centric data security is the best way to protect your organization, it also provides a benefit that makes many employers, managers and team leaders happy: it saves time, for everyone!   


People-centric cybersecurity saves time in every department

A cybersecurity solution that saves time? Yes, choosing human-centered data and cybersecurity will save you time across the board. That starts with the CISO, who can be confident that everyone in an organization is complying with the privacy rules of the GDPR, and other important laws and regulations. Not to mention the time it takes when things go awry, and an incident needs to be handled. 

In addition, the human-centered approach also saves a considerable amount of time for the IT department. With a user-friendly tool, they no longer have to play Help Desk. This allows them to focus on their real work, instead of putting out unnecessary fires. That time can be used to keep the organization safe from other outside influences.   

time-saver-IT-righ-resAn IT department that doesn't have to act as a help desk saves time for other things. Which things ... that's up to them.

And the end user can also get more done in the same amount of time. First of all, they do not have to worry about what kind of security is needed for what information. Let alone that the end user has to work with technology that is difficult to understand and use. In an ideal situation, the correct security is applied at the click of a button and the user receives (visual) confirmation of this. That confirmation gives peace of mind, the automatic security saves time. 


More benefits of a people-centric approach 

In addition to making your data more secure, the people-centric approach increases cyber awareness. The benefit of this is that everyone will be more perceptive and stay alert to potential dangers. Employees are trained to recognize and avoid potential cyber threats. They are more likely to recognize phishing emails and suspicious websites or links and are more likely to raise the alarm about suspicious situations. This, in turn, ultimately leads to a decrease in incidents.

And you guessed it, that too saves time because there are simply no incidents to deal with. Organizations that use human-centered cybersecurity save valuable time that would otherwise be spent dealing with the aftermath of a data breach or other incident. 


Smartlockr's people-centric approach

At Smartlockr, we know how important the user is when it comes to cybersecurity. That's why we have our unique people-centric cybersecurity platform. Want to learn more about how we use user-friendly email and data security to keep your organization safe and save you time and money in almost every department? Request a consultation and one of our advisors will walk you through your current strategy and show you where you're missing out on opportunities. 

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