How can I send large files securely?

How can I send large files securely?

You probably have had this before: you want to send a large file - or even several files - but then find out that this is not possible. What would you do in this case? Do you then send multiple e-mails with the files, would you send these files by mail or would you make use of unsecure services such as WeTransfer, which make it possible to send large files?

It is a question we hear every week: we all simply exchange a lot of files and information . It is therefore no surprise that we want to do this quickly, securely and simply.


Why it's best to send large files securely via email:

E-mail offers the solution, provided you use the correct features. Why? It is in fact:

  • Secure

    Using zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption, only the authorized recipient can access your files; 

  • Fast

    The recipient will receive the files in no time. This not only saves you as an organization a lot of time, but also increases the effectiveness in the process. 

  • Efficient

    Files can be sent any time of the day regardless of the time or location of both the sender and recipient.

  • Clear

    You can always see what has been sent and to whom.

  • A means to stay in control of your files

    When sending large files by email, there are security options that can revoke incorrectly sent files. This includes files that were accidentally sent to the wrong person and could possibly lead to a data leak.


When it comes to sharing large files, you can run into various problems. For example, there is often a file limitation and there are no additional options for sending privacy-sensitive data more secure. Fortunately, there is also a solution for this.


Sending large files?  Consider a secure email solution

Now the answer to the question of how large files can be sent securely. It's very simple: with standard email there are too many risks, because either the files can’t be sent or this can’t be done completely securely. 

Met een e-mailoplossing als Smartlockr kan dit eenvoudig worden verholpen:

  • Within Outlook, a file limit has been set, which means that sending large files is not supported. Smartlockr does make it possible to send files that exceed the allowed limit in Outlook. Are you sending a large file, which even contains terabytes? Then Smartlockr is automatically activated, so that the file can be easily sent;

  • Files that exceed the Outlook limit will be sent as a public file with Smartlockr. This means that recipients receive a link, after which they are redirected to the environment where the files can be downloaded. The work process is not disrupted by this;

  • Smartlockr has the handy feature to keep sending large files simple, so no additional tools are needed here. This allows you to e-mail securely, from your own environment, while the files remain in-house.

Sending complete patient or client files, for example, no longer has to be difficult. If you opt for a solution like Smartlockr, it is possible to send large files as well as work securely. Win-win!


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