Protect your data and save time with Smartlockr Document Scanning

Protect your data and save time with Smartlockr Document Scanning

One of the most effective ways Smartlockr protects your data is no doubt the use of a content filter. It’s a neat tool that springs into action whenever it’s needed, and that stays in the background whenever it’s not.

The great thing about using a content filter is that it allows you to freely write an email, without having to worry about the data in it. That way, you can focus on your job, period.

A content filter doesn’t require the user to have any IT knowledge, yet has helped thousands of people to become a true hero in the fight against data breaches.




Maybe, but that didn’t stop us from making it even better.

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At Smartlockr we work toward preventing data breaches, but really that’s just the start of it. What we actually want is for people to be able to focus on what they’re good at, without spending time and effort on elaborate security practices.

After all, most data breaches happen when people are momentarily distracted. The more complicated your email security, the less effective it will be.

Document Scanning

Because we want to make secure communication as easy as possible, we’re always looking for ways to further smooth your Smartlockr experience. That’s why we created the Document Scanning feature.

Using the latest version of Smartlockr, you can attach files to your emails without any hassle. Does your attachment contain any sensitive data? No worries, Smartlockr will automatically scan your attachment(s) and notify you if sensitive data is found.


How does it work?

As with Smartlockr in general, you’ll barely notice the Document Scanning feature being there. It only makes its presence known when it’s triggered by your organisation’s content filter.

  1. Let’s say someone in your organisation wants to send an Excel file to another person.

  2. Theoretically, it’s perfectly possible to go over this document manually and gauge to what extent it contains privacy sensitive data. It’s also very tedious and time consuming and, most importantly, a human eye can only spot so much.

  3. With Document Scanning, anyone in your organisation using Smartlockr can attach a file to their email as they normally would. The moment that happens, Smartlockr scans this document based on your organisation’s content policy.

  4. From there on out, it’s smooth sailing: if sensitive data is detected, Smartlockr will jump into action and activate the appropriate email security.

Save your data, and your time

Having Smartlockr scan one document might seem like a fun quirk. However, it doesn’t take a mathlete to imagine how much time the people in your organisation will save with this new feature over an extended period. In a single year Smartlockr Document Scanning quickly amounts to hours and even days not spent on having to protect your data yourself. At the same time, protecting your data is easier and more effective than ever!

Want to see how Document Scanning can make a difference for you and the people you work with? Follow the link below and schedule a free demo with one of our email security experts!

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