Preventing misdirected emails with files and recipients confirmation

Preventing misdirected emails with files and recipients confirmation

307 trillion emails are sent out every day. This is a testament to our reliance on electronic communication. However, with this massive volume comes the ever-looming risk of data breaches. While many factors contribute to data breaches, one consistent and unsettling truth remains: human error continues to reign as the primary cause in 74% of the breaches.

We can't take human beings out of the equation, but we can make our data protection systems smarter. Ever auto-filled out the wrong Peter? Or, attached the wrong file? The odds of a data leak significantly decrease by confirming your attachments and recipients before sending out your email. 

In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to minimize human error and prevent data breaches by confirming your files and recipients before hitting that "send" button.


Understanding the factors behind human error in data security

Stress, over-confidence, a fast-paced work environment, fatigue, the common "this can't happen to me" mentality, inherent human nature, and the constant question of "is this sensitive information?" all play significant roles in the risk of human error. And, these factors are part of our daily work life.

To err is human. Sending data to the wrong person can person can happen to everyone. The factors we have just mentioned can lead to data breaches. In most cases, the issue stems from a lack of awareness. Maintaining vigilance and implementing smart solutions can significantly reduce these risks. It might be time to consider updating your email security provider to add an extra layer of protection. After all, two pairs of eyes are better than one.


Take human error out with Smartlockr's extra confirmation

While we're only human, we can take proactive steps to minimize the risk of data breaches by giving users the best possible tools available. 

Think of the following scenario:
It's a Friday afternoon, 4.30 p.m. You're tired, looking forward to company drinks, but you promised your colleague Peter to update them on your customer Sarah. You hit the keys, select Sarah's file, and type in Peter's email address. Quick, quick, you can smell the beers already! You send off the email to the first Peter in your contact list and... the dread sets in. Wrong Peter. Your worst fears are confirmed when your business relation Peter Smith (not Johnson!) replies to your email. Damn. Now you have to report to the head of security and kiss those drinks goodbye. 

Check on files, recipients-1

Confirm files and recipients before clicking "send"

Smartlockr offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your data and streamline your workflow. This innovative platform features a key component: a mandatory confirmation process for both files and recipients before sending your email. This means:

  • Increased User Awareness: You'll be aware when sensitive data is about to be shared.
  • File Verification: Before hitting the send button, you'll have the opportunity to review and confirm all attached files. This step prevents the accidental sharing of incorrect or unauthorized documents.
  • Recipient Verification: If you inadvertently select the wrong recipient during the autofill process, Smartlockr allows you to identify and rectify the error at this stage, minimizing the risk of data leakage.


Curious about what this confirmation that can save the day looks like? Take a look at our video below: 


But, what if you've already sent the email to Peter Smith instead of Peter Johnson? We got you covered. Smartlockr not only allows you that extra check, but you're able to recall the sent email and block the files. We understand that errors happen quickly, but with Smartlockr, we make it easier for you to prevent the most common cause of data breaches: human error. Don't worry; your secret is safe with us.


In conclusion

Preventing data breaches caused by human error is a crucial step in safeguarding your organization's sensitive information. By implementing solutions like Smartlockr, you can significantly reduce the risk of costly mistakes while ensuring that your data remains secure. 


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