Gislaved's municipality: 'It should be easy to do things right.'

Gislaved's municipality: 'It should be easy to do things right.'

One of Gislaved’s municipality's priorities during the last couple of years has been to build a proper network structure and a digital infrastructure. This is something that they are at the forefront of in Sweden. Henrik Linde, IT Manager at Gislaved’s Municipality, explains that this project was partially the reason to why they started looking for a data security platform. And why they eventually ended up choosing Smartlockr.


Henrik Linde, IT-chef - Gislaveds kommun

Henrik Linde, IT manager - Gislaved's municipality

But the need for a secure communications platform was also raised by the various departments within the municipality. They primarliy wanted to be able to send secure files. In a simple, modernized way that worked for everyone: From nurses to high school teachers. 

"Historically, we have used FTP servers, and each organization has found its own way of working. We have not had a homogeneous solution across the entire municipality. It was time to take a step back and find a common solution that functioned independently of where you work within the organization."


"We saw that this is a tool that allows us to solve our problems today, and not in two years."


There are many benefits to an integrated approach

This is exactly why it was also important for Gislaved’s Municipality to create a simple process for secure communication. They wanted a solution that didn’t hinder anyone in their daily work. Henrik explains that Smartlockr's user-friendliness, and integration with Gislaved’s existing Microsoft environment, contributed greatly to them choosing to work with us.  

"In choices like this, you must always consider your digital heritage. How do our employees feel? Can they handle another solution? More and more digital tools are introduced, and eventually the users get tired.  

There are many benefits to integrating a solution like this with a way of working that already exists. It allows you to tell the users that things will work the same way as they always have: With the help of Smartlockr, we will ensure that security is triggered automatically. Things are then sent in different ways that we set up a regulatory framework around.


With Smartlockr's help, we ensure that the security is triggered automatically. Things will then be sent in various ways, set up with a regulatory framework. But you do it in your normal workflow where you send emails or files."

“The alternatives to Smartlockr were more traditional solutions with separate programs, separate silos, new messaging clients and so on. It felt very old-fashioned to me."

An easy user experience 

What are then the thoughts of the users in Gislaved’s municipality? What feedback has the IT department received from those who use Smartlockr every day? Henrik says that it has been very positive! 

"Using Smartlockr is no big deal for the users. You can clearly see how it is integrated in their regular way of working. It is not a time waster for the users. 

The primary feedback we get is that it is a simple user experience. And that's what people appreciate." 

Gislaveds kommun uppskattar Smartlockrs enkla användarupplevelseSource: 


Decreased user related measures

Henrik says that Gislaved’s municipality has also seen a large increase in communication sent securely, which shows that the platform is being used. From starting around 5%, Henrik estimates that up to 25% of their communication is now secured.

"This is because the users don’t have to learn a new messaging client. They don't have to do anything differently. The integration into the existing tool, made security so much easier for them."

Another positive consequence of the simplified, integrated approach is that the IT department's job has also been made easier.

"We get a lot less user-related actions. Before, we had to do quite a lot of manual work to help different departments and units with sending files and that kind of problem solving.

This has almost completely disappeared now that we can offer this tool instead. And as we implement Smartlockr in more departments, the problem continues to decrease. This has been great for us."

A transparent dialog is the basis for a long-term relationship 

Henrik believes that a large part of how well Smartlockr has worked for them is the dialog and contact they’ve had with Smartlockr's customer service and support. Both during the implementation process, but also afterwards.   

"You want to get to know a new supplier and have initial discussions to ensure that you know who we are and what our needs are. But also so that we feel comfortable with you as a supplier. This is because we want to have a long-term relationship.  

I feel like we have been able to do that. I also notice it in my colleagues, who have overseen the implementation project, and in the dialog that we have with you on a regular basis.  

We give feedback, you give feedback and we can have a conversation with you if anything comes up. There is always an exchange. And this has to be fairly transparent so that both parties are satisfied. And so you know what you are getting. We have been very happy with that."


“The implementation was very smooth!”


Would Gislaved’s municipality recommend Smartlockr? 

Last but not least, we of course have to ask: Would you recommend Smartlockr to others who are looking for a way to communicate securely? 

"Yes, I would definitely do that. And I would do so with consideration to the solutions that you already have in place. 

If you come from a more traditional Microsoft 365 environment, with Outlook and so on, I would say that this is a very, very good option. Precisely because of how easy it is to work into existing processes. This meant that the hurdle to get started wasn’t as big as it can be with other solutions." 

Do you want to know more about how Smartlockr can help your organization? Book a free consultation with one of our secure email experts. 


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