Reselling Terms and Conditions

1. The SmartLockr General Terms and Conditions (the “GTC”) apply to this order.

2. We hereby provide you with the right to resell licenses for the Cloud Service and associated Services to Users in exchange for a license fee. “The right to resell” refers to your right to provide a sub-license to a third party in exchange for a fee. You may not regard this as a sale.

3. You will take care of any claims that your customers may have in relation to their use of the Cloud Service and associated Services. If we receive a claim from one of your customers you will indemnify us and hold us fully harmless for that claim.

4. Our liability to you will be governed by article 15 of the GTC, taking into account that the reference to “fees” in article 15.1 should be understood as a reference to the fees that you have paid to us for ordered licenses.

5. When you resell a license for the Cloud Service and associated Services you are responsible for ensuring that the GTC, except for article 7 and 12, apply to your licensing agreement and that your customer will act in accordance with the GTC. You will be responsible for any related damages if a customer of yours breaches the GTC.

6. Resellers are not entitled to host the Software.

7. Ordered licenses cannot be returned. Your only option is to cancel an ordered license on the renewal date of the license (e.g. after one (1) year).

8. If you have ordered a reseller license, you may order supplemental licenses from us via a web form. Supplemental licenses can be ordered per the first day of each calendar month. All supplemental licenses will be governed by the Agreement.

9. Your pricing for ordered licenses will be determined in accordance with the following table. This pricing presumes that you will prepay the ordered licenses for one (1) year in advance. We will determine your eligibility for a particular pricing tier per year in advance on the then current active number of licenses. If you acquire licenses for an initial term of three (3) years we will apply an additional discount.