Feature Friday - Outlook on the web

Feature Friday - Outlook on the web

To keep you informed of all developments, we will share a new or updated feature every Friday in our “Feature Friday.” This Friday: Outlook on the web


Send emails securely with SmartLockr and Outlook on the web

So, what's the difference between the Outlook add-in and Outlook on the web? It's the ability to access business email from any computer with an internet connection. This means that the web version enables you to work remotely, without using the computer where you have the Microsoft Outlook application installed. You still have access to all your messages, and can still read, compose and send emails. You can just work from where ever you want, doesn't that sound nice?

With this new feature you can also send emails securely while using SmartLockr on the web. It enables secure emailing by using a browser, instead of having the SmartLockr application for secure mailing. In other words: you don’t need to install the application on the device you are working from. For signing in, you just need your username and password, and you are ready to go!

But, there is more. This new feature also brings good news for Mac users. Those working with Outlook for Mac for Office 365 (2016 or later version) will be able to use SmartLockr. 

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Benefits of working with Outlook on the web

Working with Outlook on the web works the same as having the Microsoft Outlook application installed on your computer. But, with using a browser you have more advantages. These advantages combined with SmartLockr give you the following:

  • enable secure mailing at any time, at any place. You don't need to install the SmartLockr plug-in on the device you are working on.

  • the possibility for Mac users, using Outlook for Mac for Office 365 (2016 or later version) to send emails securely.


Being able to use Outlook on the web, increases the user friendliness of SmartLockr. But, this is only one of the many new features SmartLockr has to offer. If you would like to learn more about our product, you can read about our Secure Emailing Solution or perhaps you want to Try Our Product?

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